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Join us on Locker Room for some Niners talk

We want to hear from you at 12 PM PT

A lot has happened this offseason Let’s talk about it.

Join me on Locker Room today at Noon PT (3 PM ET) for a comprehensive look at the 49ers’ offseason. If you have been talking smack in the comments, here’s your chance to let me hear it. If you think I’m a Jimmy hater and want to set me straight, bring it on.

I like smart people who disagree with me.

Topics that will be covered:

  • The QB situation: What do George Kittle’s latest comments tell us?
  • The RB room: Trey Sermon’s time will come sooner rather than later
  • The defense: How close to 2019 can they get?
  • The schedule: Where are the soft spots and where could we see a let-down game?
  • How do you define success for the 49ers this year?

The best part about Locker Room is that it’s interactive, so I also want to make sure I answer a ton of your questions as well.

Join us in an hour at Noon PT. The room will be called, “49ers Offseason Review.”