Imagine a world...

A world so needing moderation that this happens...

So yeah, that Katie Sowers article from Arrowhead Pride?

I commented "How did I wind up on a dopey Chefs blog?"... and it was deleted.

When I later saw that it was, I commented, "Wow... my goofy Chefs blog comment was deleted? Touchy place! lol"


And I received this message haha:

Hilarious! I can't even imagine being so thin-skinned as to issue a warning for calling it a Chefs blog.

The denizens of Arrowhead Pride will rest easy tonight, knowing they have been protected from such evil...

I shall also sleep better knowing such stalwarts of decency are on the job 24/7... I now end this FanPost with a heart full of love and wish all of you nothing but the same.

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