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Golden Nuggets: A midseason trade could be a way for the 49ers to shore up their WR corps

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Monday, May 31, 2021

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

The Julio saga continues. This time, the Seahawks are interested. This comes after the Rams were reportedly interested on Saturday.

Report: Jimmy Garoppolo Still Has ‘Significant Support’ with 49ers After Lance Pick

“I’m told Garoppolo still has significant support in the 49ers building,” ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said Sunday on SportsCenter. “...They feel like if he’s in the lineup, he’s healthy, ‘We win.’”

With that said, the 49ers gave up two future first-round picks to trade up to No. 3 to select Lance, showing how much they think of the North Dakota State product. The team can also trade or release Garoppolo and save $23.6 million against the cap, per Spotrac.

It could provide enough motivation to move forward with the rookie as soon as possible.

7 ways 49ers can shore up WR corps

Midseason trade

The 49ers ran into a wide receiver problem in 2019 and traded for Emmanuel Sanders. They could find themselves in a similar spot this year if they don’t address the issue before the season. Availability of players will depend on health and team performances, so names aren’t necessarily available. However, if the 49ers still need help after the first few weeks, expect them to explore the market for a game-changing player the way they did with Sanders.

Atlanta Falcons Willing to Accept Less for Julio Jones

“I was told a while ago by a source I trust that the Falcons would accept a hard second-round pick in 2022 (no condition on Jones’ playing time) with no responsibility to pay Jones any of the $38 million he has coming,” wrote King in his latest Football Morning in America column. “That seems like the most logical outcome, and my guess is a hard second-rounder is already on the table from some team.”

“It’s going to be a fun competition”: George Kittle evaluates 49ers’ tight ends

“I think it was awesome this entire offseason, I had [Daniel Helm] and Charlie Woerner with me in Nashville, so we got to train,” Kittle shared. “So I got to see them the entire offseason. And besides the fact that Dan Helm looks like a G.I. Joe and Charlie Woerner can bench press a house, they’ve both come a long way since last year. I think they both look really good.

“[Ross Dwelley] looks incredible. He’s the same guy he always has been. A little bit faster, I think. Still got those sticky hands. I know he’s your (Grant’s) favorite tight end, but he’s also my favorite tight end, and so it is what it is.”

Realistic Expectations for Ambry Thomas

It’s possible Thomas will outplay Moseley in training camp and take the veteran’s job before the season starts. But the 49ers just gave Moseley a two-year extension, and he’s a solid player. The 49ers know what he can do. And they know they can go to a Super Bowl with him — he was a starter when they faced the Chiefs.

Unfortunately for Moseley, he also gave up that long catch to Tyreek Hill on third and 15, and was a primary reason the 49ers lost.

So if Thomas takes Moseley’s job, good. That would mean the 49ers upgraded from serviceable to better.

But I haven’t seen enough from Thomas to say with certainty he’ll beat out Moseley any time soon. For now, expect Thomas to be a super backup.