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McGlinchey on Aaron Banks: Aaron crushes every test that comes up

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We haven’t talked about the 49ers second round selection, Aaron Banks, as he plays a position that’s difficult for the average fan and even analyst to talk about. On Tuesday, Niners right tackle, and former Notre Dame star, Mike McGlinchey, joined KNBR to discuss San Francisco’s second round selection.

General manager John Lynch said after Banks was selected that McGlinchey was incessantly cheering for Banks, who is a bigger buy, but moves exceptionally well.” I wonder how much of a hand McGlinchey played in Banks being the pick. Here’s Mike on KNBR:

“Every time I’m asked about a guy from Notre Dame, I’m always on board for bringing him onto the team, especially guys that I played offensive line with. I know who they are. I’ve known them for a long time. I know what they are capable of. And Aaron certainly fits the bill of what it’s going to be like to be a Niner and be successful in our offense.

So happy to have him, and very, very excited for Aaron and his family. He’s from right up the road. He went to El Cerrito High School in the East Bay, so he’s ready to go.”

You’d be hard pressed to find a better person to speak with outside of Notre Dame’s facilities than McGlinchey. He’s always talking about the Irish. I imagine McGlinchey would be open and honest about what Banks would bring to the 49ers, especially when the questions are coming from John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan.

When you think of a human as large as Banks, your first inclination would be to think he’s slow, powerful, and not athletic. That’s not how McGlinchey described him:

I knew what Banks was capable of. I know the athletic ability he has. I know the size that he has. And I know how great of a guy he is, too. And that’s what we look for here, and that’s what John and (head coach) Kyle (Shanahan) have always looked for, is obviously, how can they help us on the field, but what can they do for us in the locker room too. And Aaron crushes every test that comes up with all that.

He looks great, and he’s in shape, and he’s ready to go. He’s going to provide a lot of cool things we can do with him on the inside, having that kind of strength and big body in pass [protection] and being able to move people off the ball. He’ll get up to speed quick.

We have a great coach in Chris Foerster, who’s done this a long time. It’s going to help Aaron get up to speed as fast as possible. I have no qualms and no worries about Aaron being ready to go.

Per Sports Info Solutions rookie handbook, Notre Dame’s running backs averaged 3.5 yards per carry *before* contact when running behind Aaron Banks.

His run/pass blown block percentage was 1.0%/0.9%. Banks allowed four pressures and zero sacks all season.

During his post-draft presser, Banks said, “if you can’t protect your quarterback, you can’t win games in this league.”