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Who was the most surprising pick from the 49ers’ 2021 draft?

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This time a week ago, we were reacting to the 49ers selection of Trey Lance and wondering what direction the team would head in on Day 2 of the draft. We predicted the team would go either edge rusher or wide receiver, and boy were we wrong.

We talked about how a running back would be drafted earlier than most predicted, which came to fruition. Nobody expected the Niners to trade up for a running back and use a later round selection on a back.

San Francisco’s draft was full of curveballs — especially if you were in the belief that Mac Jones was the selection at No. 3 overall. But even after the Lance pick, who had the team pegged for an offensive lineman in the second round?

That was something we discussed as an option, but it didn’t feel real. Among the names mentioned, Aaron Banks wasn’t somebody that I had even heard of. So, that’s my answer. I’m not going to pretend that I did this deep dive of scouting on offensive line prospects. Between the handful of guys that I watched, Banks wasn’t even on my radar.

Having watched Sermon, that was more of a relief than a surprise. He’s a borderline great running back who fits the 49ers scheme to a tee. When you consider who the 49ers have selected in the fourth round in recent history, trading those picks shouldn’t concern you. Sermon has the potential to be a 1,000-yard rusher.

The 49ers drafting a cornerback with their third-round comp pick felt like the most probable option after quarterback. That choice would have likely presented the best value, and cornerback was one of the team's greatest needs.

The 49ers doubling down on cornerback, offensive line, and running back was them telling us what their needs were heading into the draft weekend and which positions they needed to address the most.

We’ll see if there are any free agent signings, like a certain Hall of Fame cornerback or a wide receiver or pass rusher.

Which pick was the most surprising to you?