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Niner Nate-tion Podcast: Who is the most underrated 49er?

Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Going into the offseason, we all knew what the major topics of conversation would be. Now that we’re past the draft and free agency, we can take a step back and look at some bigger-picture topics. In today’s Niner Nate-tion podcast, Niner Nate asks a simple yet interesting question: who is the most underrated 49er?

Nate’s pick was defensive lineman DJ Jones:

“In 2019, the 49ers never had any trouble getting pressure on the quarterback because they had this rotation of talented players. They’ve done a good job of building that back up. When Bosa or Buckner was out of the game, Jones is one of the integral pieces that makes the 49ers work.”

Jones notched career highs in QB hits and sacks last season, thanks in part to the fact that he was able to play in 14 of a possible 16 games. He signed a one-year, $3.4 million deal this offseason.

Nate was joined by the 49x365 crew, who also each made a pick of their own. To find out who else made the list, make sure you listen to the entire episode anywhere you get your podcasts. Please leave a comment with your most underrated current 49er as well.

Other topics in today’s episode

  • How close are the 49ers to a Julio Jones trade?
  • How well does Jimmy Garoppolo have to play to beat out Trey Lance?
  • Why haven’t the Niners paid Fred Warner yet?