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Golden Nuggets: Notre Dame’s offensive coordinator called Aaron Banks one of the best screen offensive linemen he’s ever seen

Your daily San Francisco links for Thursday, June 10, 2021

San Francisco 49ers Off-Season Workout Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Kyle Shanahan announcing the 49ers won’t have mandatory minicamp next week shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s probably for the best.

Offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel spoke for the first time, and he came off as down to earth with a sense of humor. McDaniel raved about Trey Lance being coachable.

49ers OC Mike McDaniel explains one trait that has him excited about Trey Lance

“Having Trey in house, it’s been exciting because he is who we thought he was in terms of the diligent worker. The guy is very smart and he wants to do well, but he takes coaching,” McDaniel said. “That’s something that’s undervalued in this day and age, I think, that people don’t really give its true gravity. ‘Hey, a guy is willing to hear constructive criticism and take that and move forward,’ instead of getting their feelings hurt because we’re not in the business of feelings. We’re in the business of end results. So, I think all of our players and the culture that is kind of instilled here, they kind of understand that we are here to coach you for the better betterment of all of our existences.”

Shanahan calls off remainder of 49ers’ offseason program

The 49ers were scheduled to practice again on Thursday, then hold their mandatory three-day minicamp next week in Santa Clara. Shanahan informed the players on Tuesday that there would be no more on-field work during the offseason.

The entire team is scheduled to return to Santa Clara for the opening of training camp in late-July.

The offseason has been a continuation of bad luck for the 49ers, whose 2020 season was decimated by injuries.

49ers’ Kyle Shanahan says Jimmy Garoppolo had his ‘best spring’ since joining San Francisco

“I think Jimmy had his best spring since we’ve had him,” Shanahan told reporters Wednesday. “We had the spring the first year with him, the second year he had the ACL, so we didn’t get that. And then last year it was COVID. So this is really his second one not being on an ACL. I thought Jimmy came in in great shape, really locked in, a good place physically and mentally. And I thought he had as good of OTAs as he’s had.”

Meet Aaron Banks, the 49ers’ hometown protector here to ‘bully bullies’

“He’s one of the best screen offensive linemen I’ve ever seen, being able to get out in space and stay on defenders and he’s just so massive and so talented, with his athleticism,” Long said. “Every time I’d try to run a screen I’d always go, ‘Where’s Banks? Run it to him,’ because he’d always be able to get it going.”

To some extent, Aaron said he understands the criticism. People who haven’t seen him play will see his size and assume, as a bigger player, that he won’t move as well.

He shot back at that criticism, but made clear he’s not concerned with those opinions.

“Obviously coach Shanahan had a vision and saw something he liked and I hate to say it like this, but sometimes people who write these articles haven’t played the game, and aren’t in and out of the facility every day to see what these coaches see,” Banks said. “I don’t give a damn what these people say, if they’re talking bad or talking good. If it’s not going to make me better, or help me be a better player, or do whatever I need to do on the field, then it doesn’t matter.”

Kyle Shanahan offers Trey Lance progress report after 49ers’ OTAs

“I think he did a good job just being able to throw everything at him,” Shanahan said. “We got through the whole installation. To be able to do that, there’s a process of it, some days you do good, some days you do bad, but there’s a whole up and down with it that is necessary for a guy to go through.”

“I never say whether it was good or bad because just going through it is good even if he didn’t do that good, which I thought he did,” Shanahan said. “It’s just the experience of how it affects you in camp which means what you have to work on when you’re away and really helps you get your mind right and your body right for what is ahead of us.”