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Chris Simms breaks down Trey Lance

What are the 49ers getting with the 3rd overall pick?

Chris Simms evaluates the 49ers’ rookie QB

I may be biased because I worked side-by-side with the guy for years at NBC Sports, but for my money, there’s no other national NFL analyst that puts more time and effort into evaluating quarterbacks than Chris Simms. You might look at his QB rankings and disagree, but I have literally seen the man putting in hours of work breaking guys down each year.

As such, I wanted to get his take on what he sees when he watches 49ers rookie QB Trey Lance on tape. More specifically, Lance's delivery was one specific mechanical aspect that I had never seen from any other quarterback, and I wondered if that could be a potential obstacle now that he’s in the pros.

Chris’s answer wasn’t what I expected, which is exactly why I wanted to speak with him. We talked for about a half-hour and covered a wide variety of topics:

  • How is Taysom Hill ranked ahead of Trey Lance?
  • What exactly did the 49ers throw at Lance in OTAs?
  • What Lance needs to do in training camp to show he’s ready to start
  • The one mechanical aspect to Lance’s delivery that’s weird
  • Tale of the tape comparison between Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance
  • When should Lance get on the field next year?

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