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How the 49ers evolved their defense around Fred Warner

Alex Rollins is back with a video breaking down the best linebacker in the sport

After a long break, I’m back with a video to break down one of the best players in the NFL. San Francisco 49ers linebacker Fred Warner is the best linebacker in football. Not only is he the best in the league, but he’s the culmination of the evolution of the linebacker position.

Since the league has been trending towards a pass-first approach for years, the linebacker position has changed drastically to account for this change. The new prototype is a lighter, quicker, more versatile player who can defend any receiver on the field while holding his own in the run game, and Warner has proved he’s become that.. and more. In each of his 3 seasons, his QB rating when targeted, yards per target, and yards per completion have gone down, and in 2020 he was named first-team all-pro. This video analyzes why he’s so good and how his skills fit the modern NFL.