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Golden Nuggets: Shanahan explains which traits he likes about Lance

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Sunday, June 13, 2021

San Francisco 49ers Off-Season Workout Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Kyle Shanahan spoke a bit about the quarterback competition and what he liked about Trey Lance on The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami’s podcast. It seemed evident that Shanahan was a fan of Lance’s pocket presence and how he only relied on his legs when he was forced to scramble.

Nate Burleson explains why he’s so fascinated by the 49ers in 2021

“I’m really curious to see what Kyle Shanahan is going to do in San Francisco because I really do give them a pass for last year,” Burleson told Rich Eisen on the Rich Eisen Show. “They dealt with the most (injuries). They had the most guys on IR, and still, they were fighting throughout the season.”

“Now, you’re getting all these guys back healthy,” Burleson continued, “but what’s going to happen at the quarterback position? I’m fascinated by that. That Trey Lance selection, even though we kind of thought that Kyle Shanahan had the guts to do it, still, you have Jimmy Garoppolo getting paid over $100 million and took his team to a Super Bowl, and you go with Trey Lance? What does that tell you? That tells me that he’s ready to move on from Jimmy G.”

49ers roster: 4 players who increased stock value during 2021 OTAs

No. 3: 49ers Offensive Lineman Jaylon

According to the Sacramento Bee’s Chris Biderman, the Niners are already having Moore line up with the second-string unit at left tackle, meaning they’re working towards giving the rookie every chance he’ll need to secure a primary reserve job this season.

And in the wake of Justin Skule tearing his ACL, Moore’s chance to hang around increase dramatically.

Moore will still have to compete with other depth linemen like Brunskill, Tom Compton, Shon Coleman and Colton McKivitz, among others. OTAs also prohibit any sort of serious contact, too, meaning Moore is “having it easy” right now, at least in terms of physicality.

Jimmy Garoppolo remains 49ers’ QB starter, but Trey Lance has shot

“I definitely see it as Jimmy is the starter, but if Trey is ready to compete, I have no problem with it. I don’t sit there and say ‘Hey no, we’re not playing a rookie quarterback, we have to rest him the first year.’ I don’t really make any decisions like that until I actually have an opinion on it, and that’ll take to how I see him in camp,” Shanahan told Kawakami. ”And if he comes in and he is playing at a high level and we think he gives us the best chance to win, we wouldn’t hesitate to do that. But like I said before this happened, it would be really hard for any rookie quarterback. Jimmy is a very good player, he’s not just coming in trying to beat out a guy who hasn’t done it before. When Jimmy has played he’s played at a very high level, I thought Jimmy had as good of an OTAs as he’s had since he’s been here, he seems very on point from a mental and physical standpoint and I know Trey is really gonna have to be on it to push him.”

Trey Lance Starting Off on Right Foot in Lead Up to 49ers Training Camp

Lance’s main goal to be ready for training camp is to have a firm grasp of the playbook. Shanahan will not be able to throw him in a variety of situations in practice if he is not soaking up the offense. A quarterback competition is not a guarantee. If Lance shows up and still needs a lot to embed himself in, then he has no shot. The next month and a half will be a major leap for him in his potential to start this season.

For the 49ers sake, they need Lance to be ready to roll when training camp kicks off. Not only will it be a fantastic sign that Lance is coming along nicely, but it will push Jimmy Garoppolo to be at his best. If a Super Bowl loss didn’t motivate Garoppolo, his job and potentially his starting career overall being on the line should be able to give him that chip on his shoulder.

This is all plays into the hands of the 49ers in the end.