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Golden Nuggets: The 49ers have 34 players scheduled for free agency in ‘22

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, June 19, 2021

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San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Athletic’s Matt Barrows had a great feature story on the Lance family — just in time for Father’s day.

‘We outworked someone today’: How Trey Lance’s father — and a man who doesn’t exist — made the 49ers QB

The trips to the YMCA also were about trying to be like dad. The name Aubrey came up routinely.

“He talked about it a lot — that situation of picturing someone that’s out there outworking you,” Trey said. “And even if you don’t really know or it’s not a real person, just picture someone out there who’s outworking you and not letting up.”

Trey didn’t have to invent his own Aubrey because he knew all about his actual rivals. They had real names and faces; he read about them on recruiting websites and watched their games on YouTube.

“I could always find guys my age who were playing at bigger schools,” Trey said. “My biggest thing was watching kids who were my age, in a similar situation. I was competing against those guys.”

49ers entering free agency after 2021 season

The 49ers managed to wade through free agency in 2021 despite having nearly 40 players hitting the market, including a number of key names like Trent Williams, Kyle Juszczyk and K’Waun Williams. A quick look ahead to the 2022 offseason shows that next year won’t be nearly as difficult.

San Francisco is scheduled to have 34 players hit unrestricted free agency, but the number of high-impact players is lower than it was a season ago. Several of those free-agents-to-be are also on one-year deals, and not all 34 players are guaranteed to make the 53-man roster.

Time to Say Goodbye to Jimmy Garoppolo

One of the most popular arguments made by pro-Garoppolo supporters is the following: “He took the team to Super Bowl.” At a glance, it seems like a solid argument. But there is another quarterback who achieved the same feat as Garoppolo.

His name is Jared Goff.

Didn’t he take the Rams to a Super Bowl? 49ers fans do not believe Goff is a starting-caliber quarterback — they would argue that the 2021 season opener against the Detroit Lions is just a matter of showing up to the game. And what is the cause of the early celebration? Goff. He’s the Lions quarterback.

So the general perception is Goff is a bad quarterback. Is he? Let us analyze some numbers.

Potential 49ers free-agent targets to bolster pass-rushing depth

Justin Houston

Houston, 32, showed he still could make an impact last season. He recorded eight sacks for the Indianapolis Colts, which came on the heels of an 11-sack year in 2019.

The veteran pass rusher has notched at least eight sacks in each of his last four seasons and still has the juice left to be a good pass-rushing option for a contender.

Who is the Voice of the 49ers?

So who’s the voice of the 49ers now?

It’s not George Kittle, even though he’s hilarious press conferences. But his insights into the team and the opponent are fairly standard. And sometimes he seems more interested in going off topic than talking about football.

The voice of the team also isn’t Mike McGlinchey, even though he talks like he thinks he’s that guy. But he doesn’t play well enough to speak for anybody but himself.

The voice of the team isn’t Jimmy Garoppolo, either, even though he should be the voice — he’s the freaking quarterback. But he has nothing to say. He doesn’t seem to particularly want to share any insights if he has them.