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NFC West Preview: Breaking down the Seattle Seahawks

Niner Nate gets the inside info from KJR Radio’s Matt Mikolas

In today’s Niner Nate-tion Podcast, Niner Nate continued the NFC West preview with a look behind enemy lines at the Seattle Seahawks. Nate talked with Matt Mikolas of KJR Radio in Seattle to determine where things stand with Russell Wilson, whether the defense got any better, and who Seahawks fans want the 49ers to start at QB.

What has changed since last year?

“The biggest addition of the offseason isn’t even a player. It’s offensive coordinator Shane Waldron,” Mikolas said, “He’s gonna get the ball out of Russell Wilson’s hands faster. He’s a Sean McVay disciple. He’s going to bring a lot of motion. He’s gonna bring a lot of speed, getting the ball out quick, and getting Russell out on the edge.”

Wilson himself seemed very happy with the hire back in February, which isn’t music to 49ers’ fans' ears.

Still, regardless of who is designing the plays for Seattle, the true test will be whether Pete Carroll himself continues to take the ball out of Russell Wilson’s hands more often than not.

Where are they vulnerable?


That’s it, that’s the tweet.

Before playing a bunch of horrible QBs down the stretch last year, the Seahawks’ defense was on pace to give up the most yards in the history of the NFL. According to Mikolas, things haven’t improved much.

“Their best pass rusher is their safety. Jamal Adams is the best pass rusher on the team.”

That’s not ideal - at least, not for Seattle fans.

Biggest storyline going into the year

Despite Wilson doing his best to try and convince people otherwise, the biggest storyline for the Seahawks will be Russ’s happiness with the situation.

“The Seahawks had the personnel last year to make a Super Bowl run. They could have done that. It was the coaching and Pete Carroll that kept them from doing that. They have the roster, once again, to go back to the Super Bowl.”

Whether you believe that or not is up to you, but clearly, Russell was unhappy about something this offseason and unhappy enough to put a list of teams he was willing to play for out into the media.

“When all is said and done, he wants to be considered among the greats, and you can’t do that only winning one Super Bowl,” Mikola said, “He wants to win Super Bowls, be it here or, if he doesn’t see a culture here where he can do that, then somewhere else. There are just philosophical differences between him and Pete Carroll on how you go about winning football games in 2021.”

Could another disappointing playoff loss be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for Mr. Unlimited?

Time will tell.

If you missed last week’s Arizona Cardinals preview, you could find it here. Nate and Leo Luna will wrap up their NFC West preview next week with the Los Angeles Rams and Kenny Arthur of Turf Show Times.