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The Shanaplan: The 49ers need to find a way to be consistent in the win column from year to year

Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

During today’s episode of the Shanaplan, we discussed Jason Verrett recruiting Melvin Ingram, and why it makes sense for the Niners to add another pass rusher. Ingram is a veteran who the 49ers could use as his versatility, athleticism, and experience could all be valuable for the defense.

We also talked about Nick Bosa and Fred Warner making the top-25 under 25. Plus, another player who hopes to make that list next year.

Brian Baldinger had a fun video about Javon Kinlaw. We discussed why it’s imperative that Kinlaw takes the next step in his development and how that would impact the rest of the team. When the 49ers traded multiple first-round picks for Trey Lance, they were banking on players like Kinlaw to pan out.

Speaking of quarterbacks, we also talked about NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo’s comments about Lance playing sooner than later.

The main topic for today was Sharp Football Stat’s Warren Sharp’s tweet. The 49ers have had four winning seasons since 2003. Four. That’s tied for the third-worst in the NFL. Naturally, we talked about injuries. But, we didn’t act as if those magically started since Kyle Shanahan took over.

Super Bowl and NFC Championship appearances serve as great holdovers, but the Niners have lacked consistency during the past 18 seasons. We talk about that, and much more.

Other topics include:

  • 49ers odds to win the NFC West/Super Bowl