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NFL to allow teams to use alternate-color helmets starting in ‘22

The new policy will give teams the chance to use two different helmets

San Francisco 49er Players Photo by © Wally McNamee/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

It’s been some time since we talked about NFL uniforms, but that changed on Thursday afternoon. The NFL announced they’ll bring back alternate-color helmets starting in 2022. The new policy will give teams the chance to use two different helmets starting in the 2022 season.

This will give fans something else to argue about.

Now, teams can pair the other helmet with either an alternate, throwback, or Color Rush jerseys. They just have to follow the typical protocols that ensure player safety.

That’s the reason why the NFL didn’t allow teams to use alternate helmets previously. Multiple helmets equaled a chance to the alternate helmet to not fit the same way, and we know what door that opens up — that’s the case the NFL made, anyway.

This has been in the works for over a year now. The current one-helmet rule has been in place for eight years. Bruce Arians predicted this rule would change last year. It’s the reason Tampa Bay’s creamsicle uniforms haven’t been worn since 2013. Tampa Bay didn’t like how the current helmets matched with those white unis.

San Francisco has options. If they choose to wear their all-black uniforms, the 49ers could now pair them with all-black helmets. That may limit them, which means we could see a red or a white helmet. Time will tell. Which helmet do you want the team to use?

Or, do they go with the gold helmet and the gold stripe?