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Golden Nuggets: ‘84 49ers are one of the most overlooked Super Bowl champions

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Friday, June 25, 2021

NFC Championship Game - San Francisco 49ers v Washington Redskins Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

You’ll read Chris Simms below, but I’ve heard a couple of analysts say that Trey Lance’s running ability won’t work as well in the NFL since his competition in college wasn’t great and he’s not as fast as Lamar Jackson.

This is simple: 6’4”, 225 pounds running 4.51 full speed ahead translates. More on that later this morning.

Ranking the six most overlooked Super Bowl champions: 1976 Raiders, 1984 49ers battle for top spot

2. 1984 49ers

  • Final record: 18-1
  • Boasted the league’s top-ranked offense and second-ranked defense
  • Defeated their three playoff opponents by a combined score of 82-26

In the playoffs, the 49ers defeated the Giants and Bears — the next two Super Bowl champions — by a combined score of 44-10. They spotted the Dolphins an early 10-7 lead in Super Bowl XIX before scoring 28 of the game’s final 34 points. Montana set then-Super Bowl records for passing yards (333) and rushing yards (59) by a quarterback, while running backs Roger Craig and Wendell Tyler combined to gain 270 all-purpose yards with Craig becoming the first player to score three Super Bowl touchdowns. The 49ers defense shut out Miami’s record-setting offense in the second half while sacking Dan Marino four times and intercepting him twice.

Why are they overlooked? The early ‘80s 49ers were similar to the early 2000s Patriots in that they didn’t have the biggest names and thus failed to generate many national headlines. The ‘84 49ers are also a victim of the franchise’s success, as they are often lost in the shuffle of the 49ers’ four other championship teams.

49ers should not be among teams taking advantage of relaxed helmet rules

That’s not the only iconic look they’ve at least tried changing in the past. From 1996-2008 they wore a completely different shade of red. They tweaked the scarlet and gold look they made famous in the 80s with a deeper red color and a uniform set that featured a variety of trim colors and shadowing on the numbers. It eventually became clear the brighter red was the superior shade.

Trying to make new alterations with the helmet color would be a completely unnecessary move. The 49ers’ gold helmet is among the NFL’s classic, most recognizable uniform features. They already tried messing with it once, so it’s hard to believe they’re overly eager to do it again.

Joe Staley provides optimism about Nick Bosa’s return from ACL injury

“From day one, I never saw a rookie come in and totally transform a defense like Nick Bosa did for us in my last year there,” Staley said. “He was an unbelievable talent, and losing him last year was such a huge loss for that team. What he can deliver off the edge really sets up that whole entire defense. It allows the linebackers to play a little bit more downhill. It allows the cornerbacks to play a little bit more aggressive. That pass rush is really key for what they want to do there.”

Simms likes 49ers QB Trey Lance’s running ability but feels it may be overrated

“I mean, people at first were trying to make him like he was Lamar Jackson. That’s probably where I got this guy (asking the question) thinking the wrong thing, where I was going, ‘Wait, everybody pump the brakes. He’s not Lamar Jackson here.’ I mean, Lamar Jackson was doing it against Florida State with Jalen Ramsey and Derwin James. And they were chasing him, and they couldn’t tackle him. Sorry, I haven’t seen that from Trey Lance.”