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Golden Nuggets: The 49ers have a projected $4.5 million in cap space

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Tuesday, June 29, 2021

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NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo had some telling comments about the 49ers' QB situation. I’d pay attention to what he says about the Niners, especially when it comes to Jimmy Garoppolo.

Why the 49ers’ Hands Are Tied in the Free Agent Market

The interest in both Ingram and DeCastro makes sense. Ingram has a history of playing with a Bosa and made three straight Pro Bowls from 2017 to 2019. On top of this, Ingram had five straight seasons of seven or more sacks before missing the majority of 2020 due to injury. Adding another veteran pass rusher to the defensive line would be a good move if it were possible.

When it comes to DeCastro, the thinking among fans who think it would be a good move makes sense on paper, too. DeCastro has been to the Pro Bowl the past six seasons along with being a first team All Pro twice. Adding him to play right guard would allow the 49ers to keep Aaron Banks at left guard, where he played during his time at Notre Dame making for an easier transition.

Mike Garafolo says 49ers can win NFC West in 2021 with Trey Lance, who is more mentally ready than people think

“I still like the 49ers, sans that injury karma. And here’s the interesting part to me — I think the 49ers could make the playoffs and win the division and still have a quarterback change in the middle of the season,” Garafolo said. “I truly believe that. Now that’s not a knock on Jimmy G. It’s just that Trey Lance from what I gather has already shown up there and proven that he is mentally at this stage of the game a lot more than maybe people thought. And I feel bad for Jimmy, but there’s nothing Jimmy can do to stave that off.”

Why a Richard Sherman-49ers reunion is highly unlikely

Regardless, the 49ers should love to bring him back, even as a depth piece, because of his leadership ability and football mind.

However, don’t count on it.

This offseason, the 49ers brought back all three of their top corners last season: Jason Verrett, Emmanuel Moseley, and K’Waun Williams, while also drafting Michigan’s Ambry Thomas and Oregon’s Deommodore Lenoir.

After all of their moves, the 49ers currently have only $4.5 million remaining in cap space.

This doesn’t include the likely impending Fred Warner extension, which will need some cap maneuvering in itself to fit under the 2021 cap, such as an Arik Armstead restructure.

The Best Case Scenario for the 49ers With Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance

The only issue with trading Garoppolo during that time is figuring out what team will want him. The idea that the 49ers can trade Garoppolo for a first-round pick is delusional. He is really a third-round conditional value that can turn into a second if he is healthy. But the keyword here is “healthy” and that isn’t something most teams are willing to gamble on. Unless a team loses a starter to injury or if they just want a veteran to aid their ranks, then Garoppolo being traded for adequate draft capital is bleak.

This is why it is an ideal scenario, while also being a fantasy. I doubt the 49ers would ever want to trade Garoppolo for a fifth-round pick as it would be extremely disrespectful to Garoppolo. One thing the 49ers take pride in is taking care of their players and being respectful.

Raheem Mostert: 49ers rookie RBs handling transition to pros “so well”

“We all challenge each other, they’re gonna get the best out of me and I’m gonna try to get the best out of them,” Mostert said, via “Especially with the younger guys, Trey and Elijah, those two guys, they’re really learning under me right now and they’re understanding the game and what it takes to be a pro and they’re handling it so well.”

Mostert has the most experience in the offense, which should help his chances of filling a key role as long as he’s healthy. Given Kyle Shanahan’s fondness for using a variety of backs, Mostert’s willingness to share his knowledge will make his presence doubly beneficial to the offense.