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Golden Nuggets: 49ers, Chargers set to hold joint practices ahead of their preseason matchup

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Thursday, June 3, 2021

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Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

NBC Sports Matt Maiocco tweeted on Wednesday night that the 49ers and Chargers will hold joint practices in Southern California leading up to their August 22 preseason game in Los Angeles. There’s no word yet on whether fans will be allowed to attend practice. If so, that’d be fun.

Sign me up for George Kittle versus Derwin James and Trent Williams versus Joey Bosa. Do you think by the end of the week Williams would answer who is better, Joey or Nick?

Top 25 NFL players under 25: Lamar Jackson headlines 2021 list, which features three Buccaneers, two Steelers

11. 49ers OLB Fred Warner (24)

In a day and age where linebackers are increasingly shuffled to the sidelines in favor of cover men, Warner has consistently popped at the heart of San Francisco’s defense. The guy’s been both durable (zero missed games in three years) and attracted to the ball (367 career tackles), giving the 49ers a rangy and reliable centerpiece on his side of the ball.

4. 49ers DE Nick Bosa (23)

Chase Young may be the talk of the young pass rushers, but Bosa was an absolute man during his own Defensive Rookie of the Year campaign. As a first-year starter, he had 9.0 sacks to Young’s 7.5, 16 tackles for loss to Young’s 10, and 25 QB hits to Young’s 12. Both are elite, but Bosa, even coming off a lost year, will scare opponents. Look out for a T.J. Watt-esque ascension.

Jason Verrett, Jimmie Ward praise 49ers rookies, while Ward ready to be the ‘A-hole’ if need be

“D-Mo, that’s a guy that I think has come along real well just from the first time of seeing the film of him at rookie minicamp,” Verrett said. “A guy that’s really good at press. I definitely watched him all throughout this time he’s been here. The second that he gets more comfortable out there, he could definitely be a good player for us. Along with Ambry, he’s a guy who’s real versatile, fast, and so far a lot of the rookies have been playing well.”

Ward later offered up some general thoughts on the rookies as a whole.

“Great press work, quick feet. They’re humble,” Ward said. “They come to work every day. I love their attitude. It’s just a great rookie group. I don’t really have too many complaints about them. I love them.”

49ers and Julio Jones: What Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch’s stability means for the trade talk

The 49ers are stable enough that they announced to the world that they’ve got a new QB selected specifically to replace the incumbent who not long ago led them to the Super Bowl … and not only has the locker room remained calm, these days Garoppolo and Lance are working together quite amiably in practices and meetings.

This all speaks to the talent that Shanahan and Lynch have brought in, to the character of the locker room, the franchise-wide belief that better days are ahead and especially to the Shanahan/Lynch relationship itself. It’s there at the start of every practice. Now, of course, Shanahan and Lynch have to win games. But they’ve certainly set up the right environment to win a lot of games, for a lot of years.

Report: 49ers, Chargers to hold joint practices ahead of preseason game

With the exhibition slate returning and relaxed COVID-19 protocols, the 49ers are also reintegrating joint practices into their preseason calendar.

NBC Sports Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco reported the 49ers will have joint practices with the Los Angeles Chargers in Southern California ahead of their Week 2 preseason matchup on Aug. 22.

Working out against a preseason opponent was a fairly common practice for the 49ers prior to the pandemic. Most recently they made their way to Denver for some pre-game sessions with the Broncos before facing them in the 2019 preseason. Last year’s elimination of the preseason and the limitation of in-person contact kept teams from venturing outside their facility for preseason work.

Telling Details Emerge From 49ers’ Quarterback Competition

Many believe the writing is on the wall in San Francisco, as Jimmy Garoppolo is likely on his way out, with Lance the longtime starter. While that might be the case eventually, it doesn’t look like it will happen right away.

According to 49ers insider David Lombardi, Garoppolo has looked very sharp so far. Lance, meanwhile, has looked somewhat tentative, though that’s to be expected.

“Garoppolo has looked sharp/in command. Lance has definitely been more tentative than Garoppolo, but that’s to be expected. Anyone who proclaimed Lance would waltz in and commandeer QB1 spot wasn’t operating in reality. It’s early in the process and situation is what we expected,” he reports.