Race Norming in the NFL

If you don't already know what this is about then prepare to be floored.

Race Norming is the practice of adjusting test scores to account for the race or ethnicity of the test-taker. The aim was to counteract alleged racial bias in aptitude tests administered to job applicants, as well as in neuropsychological tests and thereby guarantee racial balance. In practice it converted and compared the raw score of the test according to racial groups; the score of a black candidate is only compared to the scores of those who had the same ethnicity. This practice was objected to politically by some and legislated into oblivion before it got off the ground. Until the NFL found a way to twist and distort it into a way of saving money.

When the NFL entered into a ten figure settlement of brain injury claims, the claimants had to demonstrate cognitive decline. In order to limit the claims, the NFL decided to implement their own form of race norming. They decided that black athletes started out with a lower cognitive function and, therefore, it would be harder to demonstrate a cognitive decline, or as much of a decline. Presto, magic, fewer claims and less significant claims.

The NFL would have you believe they left this decision to a panel of physicians (that they selected). What they won't volunteer is that when physicians didn't use Race Norming they appealed.

It is patently racist. It became public yesterday due to civil suits being filed. You can defend the goal of race norming as a method of achieving racial equality but ... using it to impose extra barriers for black claimants? Labeling black players as cognitively inferior? Its shameful and despicable.

If you don't know, settlements like this are approved at the very top. As in Goodell and every owner. They are agreed to by the class (NFLPA). Approved by a judge. Don't ask me how this could happen, or what's wrong with decision makers who could believe this wouldn't become public and more egg on their face.

The NFL 'apologized' and agreed to stop. Now if we can just unsee the image of Goodell at a table with Django explaining the bump on the back of his mandingo skull it will be business as usual.

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