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Gore: I know that I can still play the game. I know I can help a team

Frank Gore joined the Murph & Mac Show Thursday to discuss his future in the NFL

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers

We’ve discussed a few potential free agents and trade targets for the San Francisco 49ers, but there’s a familiar face who is still available that’s looking for a job. Frank Gore, the Niners' all-time leading rusher, told KNBR on Thursday that he’s still looking for the right situation in the NFL. He said if that situation doesn’t present itself, then Gore will hang up the cleats.

Here’s more from Gore on the Murph & Mac show:

“I know that I can still play the game. I know I can help a team. But it’s also got to be the right situation with a team that I feel can go to the playoffs and get a chance to probably go to the Super Bowl. Like I said, I know that I can still play the game of football, but I also want to be in the right situation and the right team.

I talked to a couple of teams, but my agent told me not to put no teams’ names out there. I kind of want to wait until training camp. I want to feel that. I want to wait to see, is the right situation for me? Right now, I’m just enjoying the family, working out, and if a team calls, and I feel like it’s right, I’m [going to] do it. If I don’t like the situation, I’ll say forget it and retire. I’ve been blessed. I’ve been blessed 16 years. I think about when I came in; I wanted to play two or three.”

When asked about a potential return to the Bay Area, Gore said, “I would love that, but we’ll see.” He acknowledged the 49ers drafting two running backs and how they want the younger guys to get an opportunity, but Gore said he’d be ready if San Francisco comes calling.

If this is the end of the road for Gore, the odds we see another running back play until he’s 38-years-old while consistently being the focal point of multiple offenses are slim to none. To think that Gore was drafted the same year that I graduated from high school and is still playing is wild when you factor in what Gore does for a living and his specific job.

Gore is undoubtedly a Hall of Famer as the third-leading rusher in NFL history. You can bet on him signing a one-day contract with the 49ers when that day does come.