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The Shanaplan: What is the root of the 49ers' injury issues?

NFL: OCT 25 49ers at Patriots Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s been a couple of days since the 49rers lost two players for the season due to injury, and the fingerprinting hasn’t stopped. So naturally, everyone wants someone to be at fault for the never-ending rash of injuries.

During today’s episode of the Shanaplan podcast, we discuss who will fill in for Tarvarius Moore and Justin Skule and why injuries affect a team, no matter if the player who was hurt isn’t a lock to make the roster.

Moore was likely going to be a big part of the 49ers sub-packages, namely on passing downs. Skule may have struggled to make the roster, but he started 12 games during the past two seasons for the Niners. So it’s not as if Skule’s skills weren’t needed.

Both would have brought out the best in the competition at their respective positions. There’s no substitution for competition. While we want to blame Kyle Shanahan or the strength and conditioning coach/training staff, that ignores dozens of variables.

We don’t know how much a previous injury affected a player or if he’s eating properly or not going 100% during a drill. What we do know is something has to change. Perhaps the players need more time to recover in the offseason?

The 49ers hand has been forced to dig beyond the surface level to determine what is causing these injuries. My question to you is, what the root of these injury issues is? Does the team need to change up drills during practice?

It’s a difficult question to ask an outsider, but it may help us get closer to what’s causing these injuries.

Other topics include:

  • Guessing the Niners team activities
  • Trey Lance take over Vegas
  • What Tony Jefferson brings to the team