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49ers ‘94 throwbacks, 75th-anniversary, and white vapor jerseys are here

During the State of the Franchise event on Wednesday, the 49ers unveiled the 1994 throwback uniforms that they’ll wear in six games for this upcoming season:

9/26 vs. Green Bay - ’94 reds

10/24 vs. Indianapolis - ’94 reds

11/15 vs. Los Angeles - ’94 reds

12/5 at Seattle - ’94 all-whites

12/19 vs. - Atlanta - ’94 reds

12/23 at Tennessee - ’94 all-whites

Fred Warner, Nick Bosa, Deebo Samuel, Jimmy Garoppolo, and George Kittle. You have the option to purchase the white vapor jerseys, the red alternates, or the red alternates from 2021 that have the 75th-anniversary patch on them.

If you use this link and apply the code SNAP25 at checkout, you’ll receive 25% off the new jerseys.

Which jerseys do you like the best?

For now, these are the only names available. I imagine as we get closer to the season and once things begin to rev up, more players will be made available. I know many of you are dying to purchase your Taybor Pepper unis.