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NFL fines 49ers for OTA violations

The Niners were fined $100,000 and was fined Kyle Shanahan $50,000.

AUTO: JUN 06 NASCAR Cup Series - Toyota/Save Mart 350 Photo by Bob Kupbens/Sonoma Raceway via Icon Sportswire

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported the NFL is fining three teams for OTA violations. San Francisco, Jacksonville, and Dallas all received fines.

It’s unclear whether this was from the Demmodore Lenior clip that went viral or an independent issue. The team was fined $100,000, while head coach Kyle Shanahan was fined $50,000. So, a slap on the wrist.

The team put out a statement:

“The health and safety of our players is our highest priority, and we take following league rules very seriously. We will continue to work with the NFL and the NFLPA to ensure compliance.”

I’d imagine we’ll find out if the play was the 1-on-1 between Lenior and rookie wideout Austin Watkins Jr., where you can’t have any contact, and there was clear contact during the rep.

Rookie minicamp and OTAs are different, and the Niners were reprimanded by losing days for their rookie camp. So, you’d think this was an isolated incident unless the NFL lumped the punishments for each team together.

I think it’s funny that Urban Meyer — who doesn’t have the cleanest track record as a coach — in his first OTAs, was found breaking the rules.