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Why less is more with Raheem Mostert

This is the debut episode of “Oh, Hey There!” with Leo Luna and Javier Vega

San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Today is the debut episode of our new Tuesday podcast called “Oh, Hey There!” Leo Luna has a new co-host in Javier Vega.

Other topics include:

  • Javi’s intro
  • Tracking devices/Lance’s attire/Insight into Lance’s training regimen
  • Around the 9:30 mark, the guys discuss Richard Sherman’s case and why the coverage was focused on the wrong things
  • At the 14-minute mark, they discuss whether the 49ers have a top-5 or top-10 roster.

The focus during the podcast is on the offensive side of the ball, with the hot topic being running backs. One of the questions they pose is do the Niners keep an extra running back and go light at tight end?

It’s a deep group, even with an injury to Jeff Wilson Jr., but Javi thinks Trey Sermon ends up getting the bulk of the carries:

I think Trey Sermon will be RB1. That’s not to discredit Raheem Mostert. It’s something with Mostert where I’d rather see him take 100-125 touches. I want to limit his snap count to where we get to see those six and seven yards per carry. Then, you have Sermon give you that thunder style of running, where he gives you those four and five hard yards.

Then, here comes Mostert to kind of finish teams off at the end of the game. In the third and fourth quarter, if you need a big run, he can do that. Raheem gives you a lot of explosive play ability, where Sermon gives you that Frank Gore ability. I see a lot of Kareem Hunt in Sermon.

We all know Kyle Shanahan has been looking for a pass-catching back. Sermon gives them that ability. He gives them a three-down back, finally.

They believe that Gallman, not Elijah Mitchell, ends up being the third running back.

They also speculate a recent topic about trading Mostert, and why it may or may not make sense. In my mind, it’s simple: you don’t trade one of the most explosive players in the NFL.

  • At the 33-minute mark, the discussion shifts to who starts at right guard, and why it’s an issue if Aaron Banks isn’t the starter. They go in depth about the rest of the offensive line and debate who makes the cut.
  • At the 42-minute mark, the fellas talk about the receivers, and if finding WR3 is an issue. One of their quotes about the position:

“I’m not as worried about WR3 as some others are. As long as Shanahan is calling plays, and whoever the quarterback is, as long as their efficient, we should be fine there. If I had to choose, I’m hoping for Jalen Hurd. I’m hoping he comes back from those injuries and gives us something.

The Niners only really need 35-40 receptions out of that receiver spot. They only need Kendrick Bourne’s production. I thin it’s only 17% of the receptions. If they can get that production from one player, it opens up a lot for the other guys.”

Leo believes Mohamed Sanu will snag the WR3 spot.

The final topic asks who has a bigger impact in Year 1: Lance, Sermon, or Banks?

You can listen to the episode in its entirety below:

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