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Thank you, Niners Nation!

I want to start by saying thank you to all of the community members and readers of this site. In February of last year, I joined the Niners Nation team and can honestly say I enjoyed contributing to this page over the past 17 months.

I am moving over to a new role with SB Nation, focusing more on the audio side of things. It has been my pleasure trying to keep you all updated on everything that has gone on with the San Francisco 49ers since joining the team here.

Before becoming a contributor for Niners Nation, I had been a daily reader of the site for close to a decade. I know we lost some of the OGs once the changeover occurred, and I admittedly missed seeing the comments about watching the tapes and seeing MOAR pop up frequently in the comments.

It’s been fun getting to know some of you and interacting with the community in the comments. Even if you didn’t agree with some of my opinions about the team, or you didn’t like my writing style, I thoroughly enjoy being a part of this community.

Although I will miss contributing to this site regularly, I will still be a part of the community and am looking forward to being off on Sundays so that I can engage with y’all in the comments. Also, now that I won’t be covering the team, I can continue my annual tradition of making a trip up to the Bay Area to catch a game, a trip I always looked forward to each year.

I have loved the 49ers for more than 20 years, and being a part of the coverage was a dream job for me. I always felt a sense of gratitude whenever I was a part of the media availabilities and being able to interact with the coaches and players.

Things didn’t go as expected during the 2020 season, but as I have written before, I truly believe the Niners will win a Super Bowl sooner than later. I am looking forward to enjoying the ride alongside all of you.

Thank you again for putting with me over the past 16 months. I am excited to continue to engage with y’all next season and into the future.

I am sure Kyle, Rob, and our new team of writers will continue to do their best to help keep this community as the best in our network.

Go Niners!