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Golden Nuggets: Players from both teams will lose game checks in the event of a forfeit

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Friday, July 23, 2021

AUTO: JUN 06 NASCAR Cup Series - Toyota/Save Mart 350 Photo by Dan Trobaugh/Sonoma Raceway via Icon Sportswire

Some of the takes over the players getting a vaccine, from the players, aren’t a great look for them. In the simplest of terms, you cannot expect to have the same privileges if you aren’t vaccinated. The league has a business to run and to do so they need the supply to be there.

In the event of a forfeit, players from both teams will lose game checks

The NFL informed its 32 clubs that it will not reschedule any regular-season games in 2021 for a COVID-19 breakout among non-vaccinated players or staff. It included the “f word” — forfeit — in its warning. (Teams will not have to forfeit if an outbreak of vaccinated players occurs.)

The league attached financial penalties to any forfeits arising from a COVID-19 spike among the unvaccinated: Players from both teams will lose their game checks that week, while the team with the outbreak will bear responsibility “for all additional expenses incurred by the opposing team” and any shortfall in the league’s revenue-sharing pool.

The league will consider the forfeiting team to have played 16 games for purposes of draft order and waiver priority.

Mohamed Sanu confident in 49ers quarterbacks, says Trey Lance has ‘it factor’

“The thing about Trey is he’s a very hard-working kid,” Sanu said. “He listens, very diligent, and he’s the type of kid that puts in the extra work. I just love his energy. You can tell the way he comes in the room and has so much charisma, and he just has that ‘it factor.’ It’s cool to see.”

What does “it factor” mean to Sanu?

“Just the way he goes out on the field,” Sanu explained. “He’s confident. The confidence that he has and the throws that he’s making. And then when he doesn’t get it right, he is eager to learn and fix it immediately, and that’s something that’s very, very important, especially for the quarterback position.”

why 49ers’ record-setting Fred Warner deal is so unique

The voidable years are in there for two reasons. First, it allows the 49ers to spread out Warner’s signing bonus over six seasons while also allowing them to spread out his roster bonus over five years. If the 49ers want to rescind the voidable years, then they’ll have to cut Warner a check for $3.6 million in 2024 to buy them back. If that happens, the final two years will become active and Warner will be under contract in 2025 and 2026 at the salary numbers listed above. Basically, if the 49ers want to keep him for the final two years, they’ll have to pay him $3.6 million plus $17.65 million plus $17.65 million, which comes out to $38.9 million.

That really makes this two contracts in one with the second deal being a two-year, $38.9 million contract.

Greg Knapp’s tragic death breaks hearts across NFL

Knapp was great in dealing with the media. There were a few of us in different markets who significantly benefited from Knapp’s presence. Not really as a source for the inside dirt, but as a teacher. He would help me with some of the nuances of the stretch-zone scheme and West Coast offensive concepts. He’d answer questions I might have about a wrinkle I’d seen in those schemes or how a defense played against them. The best was when we watched film during his time with the Falcons, exploring how certain teams kept getting caught in awful spots against quarterback Michael Vick, allowing Atlanta to eviscerate them with bootleg-action passes and runs.

There won’t be teams wearing Greg’s initials on their helmets and there won’t be monuments built in Knapp’s likeness around stadiums. There won’t have to be. So many of us will carry his legacy and memories forward. We will speak well of him. There’s actually no other way to speak of Knapper.

Why Ebukam could be key to Bosa’s successful 49ers return

He takes on the role that Dee Ford was supposed to fill during the past two seasons.

Ford still is on the 49ers’ roster, but there are no guarantees due to a troublesome back condition. It is anybody’s guess if Ford can get back on the field, be productive and remain on the field for the duration of the season.

Ebukam, who registered 4.5 sacks in each of the past two seasons, started 35 games for the Los Angeles Rams while playing in every game over his four-year career.

The 49ers are relying on Ebukam to remain durable. They also are relying on him to take a significant step forward as a pass rusher.