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Injury updates: Jaquiski Tartt could start the season on the PUP list

Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch provided updates ahead of training camp

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan met with the media Tuesday morning to provide an update on the 49ers before they kickoff practice on Wednesday. The team announced Jeff Wilson Jr. (knee) and Tarvarius Moore (Achilles) will start the season on the PUP list.

Lynch said there’s a chance that Moore returns toward the end of the season and doesn’t think the team has to add Moore to the IR just yet. Lynch cited how an Olympian returned from a torn Achilles after a few months after their injury and joked that “they’re doing something right over there.”

One of the bombs from the press conference was when the team announced there’s a possibility of Jaquiski Tartt starting the season on the PUP list for his toe. That’s a big blow. Shanahan said it was a big deal for the team to bring in Tony Jefferson, and is confident in the safety room. He went as far as to say there are a couple of players who we “don’t know about yet.”

Whether Tartt goes on the PUP list or not will be determined by whether he passes a physical or not.

The 49ers are above 90 percent vaccinated, per Lynch. “Our guys arrived at this individually and as a team.” Earlier Tuesday morning on his Instagram, fullback Josh Hokit called the process a joke.

“There is no open competition”

Shanahan made it clear that Jimmy Garoppolo is the starter and Trey Lance is the backup. “There’s no ope competition right now.” Shanahan said Jimmy’s coming in as the 1, and Trey as the 2, and they’re getting equal reps with the same group.

Shanahan told Jimmy in March, “There’s no rookie that’s going to come in here and take your job if you’re not on top of your game.” It would be a big problem if Garoppolo couldn’t beat out Lance considering Jimmy’s experience and knowledge of the system.

Shanahan said, “Jimmy is our best QB in the building right now.” In July, he better be. Shanahan was asked about Garoppolo’s season last year and pointed to how that doesn’t matter and he only remembers how Jimmy played last, which was in OTAs.

Kyle called Jimmy G “sharp and aggressive” and said it was good to see. If Garoppolo maintains control of the offense and remains “sharp and aggressive,” he’ll be tough to unseat as the starter.

There are some pundits who still don’t believe Garoppolo will be on the team come Week 1:

Bosa, Ford, and Hurd

The team expects Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, and Jalen Hurd to pass physicals. That would mean they don’t start on the PUP list and can practice right away. Shanahan said they won’t be in team drills the first week and will be eased into action.

Lynch said “we feel like we have a good handle on it now” when speaking about Ford’s injury. He said the team is taking a “cautiously optimistic approach.”

George Kittle, on Hurd: “If he wants to play tight end, we’ll make room for him. Because he can do whatever he wants on the football field.” Kittle was asked if Hurd could contribute as a tight end or in a hybrid type of role.

There’s no reason to rush Bosa or Ford, or even Hurd, for that matter. As much as we’d like to see each on the field right away, preserving their health so they can play in December is far more important than what happens in training camp.