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Bosa expects to be ready by Week 1: I’m moving better than I ever have

Bosa said he has not made a decision on whether he’ll get vaccinated or not

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Nick Bosa looks lean, and it shows in his movements. Bosa told the media on Thursday that he’s down to 260 pounds after playing around 263-265 pounds previously. Bosa went as far as to say that he wishes he could redo his combine drills because “I’m moving better than I ever have right now.”

Bosa expects to be ready for the 49ers September 12 season opener against the Detroit Lions:

“I looked at the schedule but I knew when it was an early injury, I for the most part would be ready to go for Week 1 and everything now is trending toward that. I’m hoping to ramp it up toward that and give it all I’ve got Week 1.”

Bosa explained his rehab process and how working through his ACL tear was tough:

“It’s tough. You come off 2019 and on top of the world and start well in next season and it’s all taken away really quick. Mentally it was really rough. When your body feels terrible your mind goes to that place. As my body started to feel better, my mind followed.”

Now, Bosa is ready to rock and roll. Hopefully, we see him participate in team drills as soon as Monday when the pads come on.

Bosa, along with Jason Verrett, took the podium for their media availability wearing a mask. Verrett said, “that’s just something that we’re still working through,” and left it at that.

Bosa said, “I’m just evaluating everything right now. I haven’t made a decision quite yet.” What decision is there to make? Ideally, this is where a guy like Fred Warner comes in and can talk to Bosa about any questions that he has. Based on everything we know about sports medicine/science, there’s no evaluation to be had.

The next question I’d ask Bosa is what steps he’s taking in this research process? What do you want to know? The NFL has made it pretty clear with how they’re cracking down on unvaccinated players.

Verrett and Bosa are two of the top-10 players on the 49ers, and perhaps even top-5. In a worst-case scenario where the team has to forfeit a game, nobody for either team would get paid. The timing for either of them missing a game could be terrible, too. Whether that’s missing a key divisional game or a playoff game — and who knows if they were to infect another player — the domino effect could be disastrous.

This could all change in a week, but the risk far outweighs the “reward” in this instance. Earlier this offseason, Jenna Berman, Bosa’s girlfriend, put out her thoughts about the vaccine:

I think it’s safe to say Bosa won’t be getting vaccinated this year.