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Golden Nuggets: The NFL requested video of the 49ers’ workouts after injuries to Skule and Moore

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Monday, July 5, 2021

Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed the holiday. We’re off today and will be back on Tuesday.

Ranking all the No. 4s in 49ers history

PK Phil Dawson, 2016

Dawson only wore No. 4 for one of his four seasons in San Francisco, but he was good regardless of which number he suited up in. Across 64 games he missed only three kicks inside of 40 yards, and he went 130-132 on extra points.

49ers free agency: 3 dream targets for San Francisco in 2022

49ers Free Agency Target No. 2: Safety Tyrann Mathieu

It’s hard to envision the 49ers bringing back Jaquiski Tartt in 2022. Then again, it was hard to see them doing so in 2021, but that ended up happening anyway.

While the Niners have a promising rookie strong safety in the folds in Talanoa Hufanga, his straight-line speed might not be enough to warrant full-time starting duties, and San Francisco could easily be looking for another high-performing veteran to take over in the interim for Tartt anyway.

Enter the veteran, Kansas City Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu.

Granted, it’s hard to see the Chiefs pass up on the opportunity to extend Mathieu, the three-time first-team All-Pro. But with a projected $19 million in cap space for 2022 and a number of other pressing NFL free agency questions ahead, Kansas City might be forced to part ways.

Was Joe Montana Better than Tom Brady?

I doubt Brady would have had the same longevity had he played in the ‘80s. Brady cannot move — he’s a statue compared to Montana. That’s why Brady suffered a gruesome knee injury when he was 31. Afterward, the NFL changed its rules to protect quarterbacks when they’re in the pocket.

The NFL never changed any rules to protect Montana.

Had Brady played in the ‘80s, it’s possible he would have won those three Super Bowls he won early in his career. But then he would have injured his knee, and probably faded away the way most quarterbacks in their 30s did back then.

Former 49ers great John Taylor chose wins over statistics

“I remember watching Patrick and was like, man, this guy is all over the field,” Taylor said. “I used to think to myself I would not want to be a receiver going against him chasing me down the field because Patrick is pretty quick for being a linebacker. Linebackers I played with were strong and quick, but the linebackers you are seeing in the game today, they are like wide receivers able to run sideline to sideline and run plays down.”

Taylor said the current 49er wide receivers are young, hungry, and looking to make names for themselves.

49ers fined for workout violations, but not penalized OTAs

The NFL also took issue with the amount of contact during 11-on-11 drills during organized team activities early last month.

The league requested video of the 49ers’ workouts after offensive lineman Justin Skule and safety Tarvarius Moore sustained significant injuries on Monday, June 7, a source said.

Skule sustained a torn ACL after he and a pass-rusher contacted each other during an 11-on-11 play in practice. As a result of that play, the NFL fined the 49ers ($100,000) and head coach Kyle Shanahan ($50,000).