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49ers considering red helmets from the ‘55 season for 2022

The team tried to get approval to wear their throwbacks in all 17 games

The 49ers unveiled their alternate throwback uniforms last week during the team’s State of the Franchise event. Now, there will be an additional home red jersey that’ll be paired with the white uniform.

The 1955 jerseys and white pants have served as the 49ers' throwback uniform for some time now. The connection is that uniform was brought back and worn during the ‘94 season, so that’s why everyone calls them the ‘94 throwbacks.

Those ‘55 jerseys might not be the only part of the uniform the Niners bring back. 49ers CMO Alex Chang told CBS Sports’ Jeff Kerr the team is considering bringing back the red helmet:

“There are really two options for us. Stick with the ‘94 helmet, which we’re already using today, and we love that look — or a 1955 helmet which was a red helmet with a silver stripe and face mask. We’re looking at both.”

I imagine there would be quite a bit of resistance naturally since many people are opposed to change. It would take a while for us as viewers and fans to get used to, but I don’t hate that look.

Chang also discussed more the marketing side of things with Kerr. This is a process, and we likely wouldn’t see this change for two years:

“The reality is, it takes about two years to make this happen. Even with a design that has already existed, you still need 18 to 24 months to bring it to reality. We started that process in the fall of 2019 to have it ready for this coming season. It not only requires a heads-up to the league, but also a collaboration with it on what the design is.

You have to involve Nike, get involved with their design team, make sure they are looking at samples with the actual product in hand and how it fits with the current chassis the guys are using for on field, off field and how it looks with the consumer-grade jerseys. It just takes that much time, but for us it worked nicely.”

You’d think it’d be as simple as making a helmet within a week, but a lot goes into it, as Chang explained.

Towards the end of the interview, Chang said the plan is to maintain the standard that has the regular home and away and the ‘94 reds as the team’s alternate home and the ‘94 whites as the alternate road jerseys.

He went as far as to say that the 49ers tried to get approval for all 17 games to be throwbacks but ended up getting six, which they were happy with.