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Stats & Eggs: Alex Mack continues to be the butt of jokes

Sometimes the low hanging fruit is the sweetest

Everything you need to know in about 5 minutes

Earlier this week, Kyle Shanahan revealed that Alex Mack used to sweat so much that Matt Ryan used to make him change his pants every quarter when the two played for the Falcons. Yesterday, Jimmy Garoppolo described what it’s like taking snaps from someone with that kind of perspiratory proficiency:

“It definitely makes it difficult if you’re not ready for it, I would say. I think I’ve kind of learned throughout my career how to deal with it. The best way I can describe it is you’re playing in a dry game and all of a sudden it’s a rain game when you get the snap. And so if you’re not prepared for that, I guess it could throw you off at times....I can’t believe we’re talking about it.”

Believe it, Jimmy. When trainers are on the sideline changing out the towel down the back of the center’s pants (like they were at Saturday’s practice in Levi’s Stadium), you’re going to get questions about it.

Amazing, in all the time we speculated over the offseason about how the 49ers could improve themselves at center, I’m not sure we ever considered the swamp-a*s factor.