What would it take for you to trade Jimmy?

The NFL trade deadline is in early November, and there has been a ton of buzz about Lance looking great as well as Jimmy tearing it up. It appears as though the plan for the Niners is exactly what they said it was going to be: sit Trey and play Jimmy, since he gives you the best chance this season.

With both looking good, however, it does raise an interesting proposition that only works if both QBs are playing great: what would it take to trade one of them this season?

A trade would take 4 components IMO: 1) Jimmy looks great (otherwise nobody would want to trade for him) 2) Trey looks great (otherwise we’ll keep Jimmy and continue to develop Trey) 3) a team thinks they are a good QB away from a serious shot at a ring this year (otherwise they won’t make an offer good enough for SF to consider it, most likely scenario being a contender suffers a season-ending injury to their starting QB), and 4) an offer good enough to accept is made.

Now, even with Jimmy and Trey looking good in camp thus far, the above scenario is still unlikely to play out…that being said, what would your price be? Remember, in this scenario, both Jimmy and Trey look great and are healthy, and a contender is desperate

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