Predicting the 49ers Regular Season Record

Predicting The San Francisco 49ers Record

Nico Schwegler

August 12, 2021

Week 1-Detroit Lions (Away) 10:00 AM PST

This game could very well end up as a trap game for the 49ers, but considering that this is the first game of the season, I expect the team to come out laser-focused after their disappointing, injury-riddled season. The 49ers had had excellent success against Quarterback Jared Goff when he was on the Rams.


Week 2-Philadelphia Eagles (Away) 10:00 AM PST

While the Eagles have had a confusing last season, filled with dysfunction, they beat the 49ers in a Week 4 matchup at Levi’s Stadium. This year I think it will be different. The 49ers had already suffered significant losses to several key players at that point, and I believe that new Eagles coach, Nick Sirianni, will take a few games before the Eagles become stable.


Week 3-Green Bay Packers (Home) 5:20 PM PST

At this moment, I believe that the 49ers will beat the Green Bay Packers when both teams are fully healthy. This is also the 49ers home opener, and the game is on Sunday Night Football, which should leave Levi’s Stadium rocking. We don’t know how the Rodgers saga will unfold, but I believe that the Packers’ dysfunction with Rodgers and even Davante Adams will come back to bite them when they play better competition like the 49ers.


Week 4-Seattle Seahawks (Home) 1:05 PM PST

The first game against a division rival comes early against the Seahawks. The 49ers are the stronger team on paper, but you can never count out the Seahawks during a division contest and Russell Wilson early in the season. In my opinion, this is a 50-50 game, but I think the 49ers pull out a narrow win because of the home-field advantage.


Week 5-Arizona Cardinals (Away) 1:25 PM PST

Like the Seahawks, the Cardinals are a tough, rival team that the 49ers can’t take lightly. With their air-raid style offense and dynamic Quarterback, Kyler Murray, the Cardinals will be a difficult opponent to plan for. While I considered giving the Niners the win here, I anticipate that some of the Cardinals’ new additions, like J.J. Watt, will make a difference in the game and give the 49ers their first loss of the season.


Week 6-Bye Week

Week 7-Indianapolis Colts (Home) 5:20 PM PST

This is the game that I expect Trey Lance to start in finally. I think that coming off of the Bye Week, Shanahan will have the rookie ready to go out and execute a game plan against an outstanding defense like the Colts on Primetime. Due to some injuries that the Colts have sustained, I believe the 49ers come out firing after the Bye Week and pick up another win along the way.


Week 8-Chicago Bears (Away) 10:00 AM PST

This could be a matchup between two highly touted rookies in Trey Lance and Bears QB Justin Fields. Until the Bears can prove it offensively, their team is very dependent on their stout defense, which should make this a very entertaining matchup if you’re into defense. Because this is only Week 8, I don’t believe Chicago’s weather will be as much a factor as it would be if it were Week 14. Due to this reason, I think it will be another 49ers’ victory.


Week 9-Arizona Cardinals (Home) 1:25 PM PST

After losing to Arizona in Week 5, I believe that the 49ers will be able to figure out how they should gameplan for Kyler Murray and pick up a big win at home. This will also be the best game that Trey Lance will play so far in the season as the Cardinals defense isn’t the best.


Week 10-Los Angeles Rams (Home) 5:15 PM PST

This will be the first time that the 49ers will face the always tough Rams during the season. With the addition of Matthew Stafford, I anticipate the Rams to win this game over the 49ers as Lance won’t be able to wiggle out of the presence of Aaron Donald. Even though this game is at home, I think the Rams rise to the occasion and snag a win against the 49ers.


Week 11-Jacksonville Jaguars (Away) 10:00 AM PST

In Week 11, the 49ers travel to Florida, where they will face the improved Jaguars and 1st overall pick, Trevor Lawrence. After coming off a loss, I expect the 49ers to rebound and beat the Jags even though this could be considered a trap-game to some people.


Week 12-Minnesota Vikings (Home) 1:25 PM PST

This is another difficult matchup to predict because the Vikings will be better than they were last season. I believe that the main factors in this game will be the home crowd at Levi’s and the 49ers ability to slow down Dalvin Cook, which is something they did incredibly during their 2019 Divisional Round matchup. I do anticipate a closer game that that contest, but still with a 49ers dub.


Week 13-Seattle Seahawks (Away) 5:20 PM PST

I’m going to say this as short and sweet as possible. The 49ers will lose this game in Seattle. I can’t imagine the Seahawks allowing the Niners to sweep them, much less on their own field. Not to mention that the 49ers have always struggled at CenturyLink Field and on Primetime television, I could very well see a similar matchup as the Week 10 matchup in 2019 that ended with a Seahawks win in Overtime.


Week 14-Cincinnati Bengals (Away) 10:00 PM PST

I predict this game as my trapgame for the Niners. After a tough loss in Seattle on Sunday Night Football, the 49ers will have to travel to Cincinnati and play an early game against a Bengals team who will have settled in by then. I anticipate a big game from Joe Burrow and his performance will ultimately down the Niners.


Week 15-Atlanta Falcons (Home) 1:05 PM PST

Another team that could be a trap-game, but following two straight losses, Shanahan will be prepared for his former team and get the 49ers ready for a statement game. Lance will play his best game as a 49er and exploit the Falcons’ weak defense in the air and on the ground.


Week 16-Tennessee Titans (Away) 5:20 PM PST

After a nice win at home against the Falcons, the Niners travel to the Music City to face off against the Titans. The Titans are a playoff team that can cause the 49ers problems, especially with their offense. The addition of Julio Jones to a team that already has the likes of A.J. Brown and "King" Derrick Henry will prove too much for the 49ers, mainly because of the fact that the 49ers are playing away.


Week 17-Houston Texans (Home) 1:05 PM PST

There isn’t much to say here. If the 49ers don’t win this game, the Faithful will riot. The Texans this year are almost guaranteed wins for almost every team. To the team: PLEASE DON’T MESS UP THIS GAME!


Week 18-Los Angeles Rams (Away) 1:25 PM PST

Finally! We have reached the season finale against the Rams and at this point, I think that the 49ers will begin to build up their momentum. Like a majority of their matchups the past few seasons, I expect a Shanahan masterclass against his friend, Sean McVay. This game will end as a 49ers victory and may end up as the game that decides the division and NFC playoff picture.


So my final prediction for the 49ers 2021-22 season is a record of 12-5!

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