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Stats & Eggs: Nick Bosa has been vaccinated

About 96 percent of the team has gotten at least one shot

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Other than the quarterback, no other player carries a bigger portion of the 49ers’ fortune on his shoulders than edge rusher Nick Bosa. By all accounts, he has been doing everything in his power to stay on the field after a major knee injury last season. But, according to Matt Barrows of The Athletic, now he’s done one more.

Citing a league source, Barrows says Bosa had indeed received the COVID-19 vaccine, something he said he was still “evaluating” when he was asked about it last month. However, considering the fact that he was wearing a mask on the sidelines of the game on Saturday night, it’s safe to assume the vaccination was recent.

General Manager John Lynch recently told Tim Kawakami that the team is down to just four players who haven’t received at least one vaccine shot.

This season, the 49ers certainly have enough challenges without adding a 10-day absence from one of their best players due to possible exposure to the virus. Hopefully, the remaining holdouts follow suit, and the team doesn’t have a single-player test positive this season.

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