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Jonas Griffith speaks on NFL debut: It was everything I wanted and more

Griffith played well in 33 snaps, but it was not enough to stop the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Jonas Griffith made his NFL debut Saturday for the 49ers after signing as an undrafted free agent in 2020. Griffith played well in 33 snaps, but it was not enough to stop the Kansas City Chiefs.

It was still good to see a player who did not have a true chance to make the team last year with no preseason.

Griffith was asked how was it:

“It felt amazing honestly. it was my first time in the NFL and it was great man. it was everything I wanted and wished for and thought of growing as a kid you know. It was being on the practice squad last year, it was everything I wanted and more.”

Jonas Griffith flew all around from the MIKE linebacker position, but his two pass breakups stood out the most. Both plays could have ended in an interception, and the first PBU (below) was his best chance at a turnover.

Griffith mugged the A gap with Marcel Harris showing blitz, but they both dropped into coverage. Proving he can affect the passing game is just one of the many ways to help Griffith get on the field. Griffith stays square to the line of scrimmage, keeping his eyes on the QB to make the play.

Plays you want to see him make

The two clips below are plays I want to see Griffith make against the Chargers Sunday and beyond. Getting third-down stops are critical. After the double team on third and two, Griffith gets blocked after allowing the left guard to climb up to him (first clip). Secondly, you see him fit the run well, but he still allowed the first down.


Be ready to hear Jonas Griffith’s name be called a lot during the joint practices with the Chargers. Griffith looks to be a core special teamer this season. If he keeps up the high level of play, he can continue to rise up the depth chart.

The signing of Mychal Kendricks may hinder Griffith's opportunities to see the field this year. As the linebacker group is already deep, John Lynch will have a tough task naming what LB’s make the roster.