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Stats & Eggs: Brian Baldinger says Trey Lance won’t be the Week 1 starter

“I just think that’s kind of a reach”

Everything you need to know in about 5 minutes

NFL Network and Fox Sports Analyst Brian Baldinger appeared on 95.7 The Game earlier this week and threw a wet blanket all over the hopes of fans that want to see Trey Lance win the starting quarterback job this preseason.

“Trey Lance isn’t winning this job in the next two weeks. I just think that’s kind of a reach to even think that that’s possible. I think they’re gonna give him enough that I think he’s gonna be on the field Week 1 for the 49ers. I’ve said that from the beginning. There’s gonna be a package for Trey Lance. He’s too big, he’s too good of a runner for a team that likes to run the football.

You’re not going to over-evaluate [Jimmy Garoppolo] on one series of plays...It’s a long season. So, I think you’ve got to develop both guys, to a degree. I believe this is Jimmy’s team right now. Let’s put the starters out there. Let’s put Deebo, and the tight end, the left tackle and the center. Let’s put them all out there and try to make some kind of an evaluation.”

So for anyone out there that thinks this website is constantly negative towards Jimmy Garoppolo, enjoy that quote. And yes, I am deliberately putting aside the fact that Baldinger referred to George Kittle as “the tight end” and Trent Williams as “the left tackle.”

There certainly are conflicting opinions on what’s best for the 49ers to do at the quarterback position this year. Former 49ers QB Jeff Garcia was on the same station earlier this week, extolling the virtues of Trey Lance.

What happens in the joint practices with the Chargers and the game on Sunday could go a long way towards getting some clarity. It will be interesting to read about what situations Kyle puts both QBs in during practice and whether they can transfer those skills into the game on Sunday.

For more on what Jeff Garcia said as well as things to watch for this week, check out today’s Niners Nation Stats & Eggs Podcast wherever you get your podcasts.