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Stats & Eggs: Chargers players mock Jimmy Garoppolo at joint practice

Oh, so that’s how it’s gonna be?

Everything you need to know in about five minutes

In yesterday’s Stats & Eggs, I told you to keep an eye on what Chargers players and coaches said about Jimmy Garoppolo after these joint practices. We didn’t have to wait long for an update.

According to our own Kyle Posey, Chargers players mocked Jimmy Garoppolo after a difficult end to an offensive series, saying, “They pay ‘em too much in San Francisco,” and other things that weren’t fit to print.

By all reports, both quarterbacks had an up-and-down day, but Chargers players openly taunting Garoppolo is interesting. Remember, the 49ers have gone out of their way to promote the idea of a new-and-improved Jimmy G. this year. Kyle Shanahan himself said this was the best spring Garoppolo has ever had with the team. The fact that Jimmy is being trash-talked in the first extended look any opponent has gotten at him leads me to believe the reports of his rebirth have been greatly exaggerated.

After practice, Kyle said he’d like to get Trey Lance some reps with the first-team offense, but I’m sure those two things are unrelated.

Some of you will brush this off as nothing more notable than the trash talk that occurs at any practice, but I wonder if the 49ers feel the same way. It will be interesting to see how much run Shanahan gives Garoppolo and the starters on Sunday and if he lets Jimmy air it out while he’s in the game.

Personally, I’d like to see ol’ number ten show a little fight out there on the field (taunting penalty be damned). I hope he airs it out for a long touchdown and then stares down the defense as they walk off the field. If Lance’s presence really has lit a fire under Jimmy G., I hope we get to see it on Sunday.

Check out today's Stats & Eggs podcast for more on this situation and the rest of what happened at yesterday’s practice, check out today’s Stats & Eggs podcast.