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Join us on our YouTube channel after the game!

We want to hear from you!

Preseason game number two against the Chargers is hours away, and we can’t wait. Thanks to the shortened preseason schedule, this is the dress rehearsal for teams before the 2021 season. There’s going to be more to take away from this game than any other in the preseason. So come talk about it with us!

Kyle Posey and I will once again be on the Niners Nation YouTube channel after the game is over, breaking down everything that happened. We’ll react to what the players and coaches say at the podium and talk about what we learned, liked, and hated.

The thing we’d really like to do, though, is talk about what you learned, liked, and hated. So all show long, we’re going to be pulling in your comments and answering the questions you want us to answer.

We want to hear from you even if you want to talk about stuff other than the game. Do you think we hate on Jimmy G. too much? Do you think I don’t know a damn thing about football?

(And I know that you do, given some of the recent comments on my posts)

This is your opportunity to interact with us and give us a piece of your mind. The goal of these shows is to talk with you rather than at you, and we obviously need your help to do that.

As the season approaches, we’re going to be doing more and more live shows, interviews, and podcasts on the channel, so go ahead and hit that subscribe button while you’re thinking about it.

Be sure to join us on the Niners Nation YouTube page after the game!