How About Those Rookies!!!

It starts with Trey Lance drafted 3rd overall. He has had some WOW moments that make us all look forward to the 2021 season.

Aaron Banks drafted 48th is currently injured, so mixed reviews on him.

Trey Sermon drafted 88th has not broken a BIG RUN yet. Still waiting for that pop to the offense to go along with Mostert's Warp Speed at Running Back.

Ambry Thomas drafted 102nd has been a mixed review also. He has a lot of potential but has to put it together.

Jaylon Moore drafted 155th overall could help out at Right Guard if Niners choose to push him inside.

Deommodore Lenoir drafted 172nd has been an OUTSTANDING pick. He has a chance to START Week 1 at CB.

Talanoa Hufanga drafted 180th has also been an OUTSTANDING pick. He will probably START Week 1 opposite Jimmie Ward.

Elijah Mitchell drafted 194th is in line to be the 4th running back on the roster. He might be a Slot WR before it is all said and done.

How do you feel about the ROOKIE contributions so far in the Pre-Season???

Lots of Potential Starters and 2nd string players.

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