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Golden Nuggets: Nick Bosa made his presence felt during his first practice

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Thursday, August 26, 2021

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San Francisco 49ers Training Camp Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The 49ers returned seemingly everyone at Wednesday’s practice, and also switched it up at quarterback. Perhaps, this was in preparation for what’s coming Week 1. More on that later. Hopefully, we can see what the squad looks like Sunday at close to full strength.

49ers practice: Kyle Shanahan drops big QB hints; Nick Bosa drops in on the QB

Bosa was the headliner. Until Wednesday he’d taken part in the individual portion of practice but hadn’t faced an opponent. He got that out of the way when he went against Williams in one-on-one pass-rush drills. He tried an inside move against the big left tackle, which Williams was able to wall off. Bosa’s second repetition, this time against right tackle Mike McGlinchey, was more successful as he blew around McGlinchey to the outside and infiltrated the pocket.

Bosa also lined up at right defensive end at the start of 11-on-11 drills, getting past Williams and “sacking” Garoppolo — read: tagging him as the pocket collapsed — on the quarterback’s first drop back. Later Bosa crashed down the line of scrimmage and thumped running back Trey Sermon in the hole. Bosa’s body language afterward — excitedly hopping up and down — suggested he was pleased with his performance.

49ers Notebook: Mixing up the QB reps, and Nick Bosa’s return to 11-on-11s

Lance made some poor throws on Wednesday, including an interception to Ha Ha Clinton-Dix in which he badly overthrew MyCole Pruitt over the middle. He missed a deep ball to Brandon Aiyuk, too — though it looked like he expected Aiyuk to get better separation — and finished with a few incompletions. He did, however, flash that ability to escape the pocket under pressure, when he found Trent Sherfield for first-down yardage on the move.

Garoppolo had a crisper practice, to be sure, looking more comfortable and in rhythm. He nearly connected with Aiyuk on a deep ball down the left sideline against tight coverage, but Aiyuk, who extended excellently for it, was ruled out of bounds.

Jimmy G, Lance alternate first-team reps at 49ers practice

“I think he’s just had more command at this time than he has any of the other years. Jimmy always gets there eventually, but I think he’s come in — just knowing what’s coming off my lips before it does.

“Knowing exactly how to spit it out, where to go. When you don’t have to think and all that stuff’s effortless, the semantics of play calls and the offense, I think it’s a lot easier to play.”

The Good and the Not So Good from Day 18 of 49ers Training Camp

3. Guard Daniel Brunskill.

Lost all of his reps during 1 on 1s, which means it was a typical afternoon for Brunskill. He might be the worst starter on the team.

4. Guard Colton McKivitz.

Also lost all of his reps during 1 on 1s. Has a golden opportunity to start at right guard, but he’s worse than Brunskill.

5. Offensive tackle Jaylon Moore.

Also lost all of his reps during 1 on 1s. Twice got beaten by spin moves that left him grabbing air. Also gave up a sack to Jordan Willis during 11 on 11s. Thank goodness Trent Williams is back and Moore doesn’t have to start at left tackle anymore. He should move to right guard.

Raheem Mostert reportedly exits 49ers practice with ‘apparent back pain’

“Running back Raheem Mostert came out with apparent back pain late in practice, on a play in which Lance flipped a short pass to Deebo Samuel in the backfield,” wrote Inman. “Mostert winced as he reached the sideline and was checked on by trainers, then watched most of the remaining plays from a knee.”

There are no further updates at this time. While it’s too early to jump to conclusions, this is certainly a situation worth keeping an eye on.