Checking My Work - How Would I Change My Own Roster Prediction?

Three Weeks ago I did a projection of the 53 Man Roster.

Since then we've played 2 of our 3 preseason games, had players get injured and return from injuries, gotten our practice reports, had our discussions, expressed our views, and in some cases been called "haters" for having them.

So, how would my original projection change with all this new information? I was interested in seeing for myself, and figured I'd share what I found. I'll cross out anyone I now see not making it, and bold anyone I add. All that and nothing more follows:

QB (3 2): Jimmy G, Trey Lance, Nate Sudfeld

FB (1): Juice

RB (4): Mostert, Sermon, Mitchell, Hasty (Galman is waived. If he survives waivers, he'll got to the PS. Wilson will replace Hasty when he returns, likely right after the Bye)

TE (3 4): Kittle, Dwelley, Woerner, Matthews

WR (6): Aiyuk, Samuels, Sanu, Sherfield, Hurd, White, Jennings

O Line (8): Williams, Tomlinson, Mack, Banks, McGlinchey, Brunskill, McKivitz, Moore (I no longer think Banks will make it to start at RG. It's Brunskill to open up the season now, and probably McKivitz next up).

D Line (10): Bosa, Key, Ford, Ebukam, Armstead, Kinlaw, Jones, Street, Givens, Kerr Hurst (Hurst's injury lets us keep Kerr. I think both Hurst who likely opens on IR and Willis on suspension have jobs when ready to return. Too many potential moving parts to try and predict who they replace when their times come, so I'll skip it)

LB (4): Warner, Greenlaw, Al Shaiir, Griffith (Signed Kendricks, and then he got injured, so no change)

CB (6): Verrett, EMan, K'Waun, Thomas, Lenior, Johnson (hey, Dontae's a "trusted agent")

S (5): Ward, Wilson, Hufanga, Mayden, Harris (I'm sticking to my original prjection, despite Tartt making this more interesting and despite signing Ha Ha Clinton-Dix since the original. Again, feel free to call Harris a LB instead and let the numbers adjust accordingly)

Specials (3): Pepper, Gould, Wishnowsky

Just a couple days left to see how wrong I am, and one *disclaimer.

* I expect we will cut one or more vets to allow the process of getting guys to IR with eligibility to return later play out, and then re-sign them once it does. Above represents that end state, not the initial one.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.