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Oh Hey There: Did Kyle Shanahan predict the future?

One of Kyle’s post-draft predictions may already be coming true

Javier Vega and Leo Luna say there’s a “silent” QB competition happening right now

After the 49ers took Trey Lance in April, Kyle Shanahan appeared on ESPN alongside John Lynch. During the interview with Scott Van Pelt, Kyle talked about the quarterback timeline, and what would happen before Trey Lance became the starting quarterback. On today’s Oh Hey There! podcast, Leo Luna and Javier Vega wondered if that’s already starting to come true.

To refresh your memory, here’s what Kyle told Van Pelt about the quarterback situation:

“Trey’s going to come in here, he’s going to compete, he’s going to try and do everything. The day that it looks like Trey can compete with [Jimmy] and he’s ready to go, we’ll know that, our players will see that, and we won’t hesitate on that. Just like we wouldn’t at any other position...The day he’s ready, the day he gives us the best chance to win, is the day that happens.”

Now, contrast that with what Peter King wrote in this week’s Football Morning in America column, including this quote from Fred Warner:

“You see the raw talent, and you see the ball fly out of his hand. Impressive. Games will be different. But 11 on 11 out here is still football, and we’re seeing a young guy work and be humble and make throws like that. That’s what he needs to do.”

Or this story relayed by Kyle Shanahan:

“Deebo Samuel comes up to me at one point, and he’s like, ‘This guy’s got some balls.’ And I think that’s what the guys feel. He goes out there and he’s not scared to fail. He goes out there and lets it rip, and there’s some good, some bad. Players can feel it. When you’re not scared to fail and you’re talented, you do things the right way, guys believe it’s a matter of time.”

To be sure, there’s a long way to go before the start of the season, but to this point it seems like everything is lining up exactly how Kyle Shanahan said it would need to go in order for Trey Lance to be the Week 1 starter.

Fred is seeing it. Deebo Samuel is seeing it. Peter King mentioned, “oohs” and “ahhhs” coming from defensive players on the side line after big throws. The question is, what will the tipping point be for Kyle Shanahan to ultimately decide Lance gives San Francisco the best chance to win?