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What are the best season-long 49ers bets?

We asked Kyle Newman of for the answer

Now that the preseason is officially in the books, you may be looking to take some of your hard-earned money and make a wager pertaining to your favorite football team.

To that end, I decided to sit down with Kyle Newman of to find out the best season-long bets to place the 49ers in 2021.

The most surprising of all the odds, to me, was the fact that the 49ers are the favorite to win the NFC West at +180 (for the layperson, a $100 bet wins you $180). Coming off another double-digit loss season, and technically without a quarterback change, San Francisco still has the best odds to win the division - even with the Rams upgrading at quarterback.

By the way, the Rams were second at +190, followed by the Seahawks at +275 and the Cardinals at +650.

In terms of the conference as a whole, only the Super Bowl Champion Buccaneers (+275) have better odds than the 49ers, who are tied for second with Green Bay at +600. I imagine that’s pretty surprising news for fans of teams like the Cowboys, Rams, Seahawks, and Saints.

If you’re feeling really lucky and you want to take the Niners to win it all, you’re looking at +1400 odds which is tied for fifth in the NFL alongside the aforementioned Rams.

Check out the entire interview over on the Niners Nation YouTube channel to find out more. Kyle and I also dove into Coach of the Year odds for Kyle Shanahan and Offensive Rookie of the Year Odds for Trey Lance.