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Golden Nuggets: Will Lance’s injury influence the 49ers' decision to keep three quarterbacks?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Kansas City Chiefs v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

The 49ers will practice two days this week, before having a long weekend. Kyle Shanahan was asked on Monday if it gets difficult to make roster cuts or if it ever becomes normal. I thought it was interesting after he acknowledged it’s tough when he said he wanted to just move on from the preseason. Shanahan hates football in August.

49ers Roster Prediction: Final projection after preseason concludes


In (5): Kyle Juszczyk, Raheem Mostert, Trey Sermon, Elijah Mitchell, Wayne Gallman

Out (2): JaMycal Hasty, Josh Hokit

PUP (1): Jeff Wilson Jr.

Changes from previous projection: Swapped Gallman and Hasty

At the end of the day, Hasty is the more talented player, but his size limits him in the pass game on certain throws and as a pass protector. If the 49ers feel more confident that he’ll make it through waivers and back to the practice squad than they do about releasing and retaining Gallman, they’ll probably go that route. It’s a real 50-50 though, and my vote would go to Hasty given the waiver considerations.

Notes: Michael Brockers on facing 49ers: ‘I’m already on top of them’

“I was already looking at some San-Fran tape, a couple of my games last year playing with the Rams against those guys,” he said. “I’m already on top of them.”

“Not yet, but that’s what these weeks are for, these practices are for — for me to kind of get back in the groove, get my technique a lot better and be ready for game one,” he said.

NFL power rankings: Bills, 49ers, Steelers rising; Cowboys, Dolphins fall after preseason

6. San Francisco 49ers (7)

The 49ers’ offense will be one of the league’s most balanced and explosive whether it’s Jimmy Garoppolo or Trey Lance starting at QB, with the latter adding more dynamic elements in time. The defense was dismantled by injuries last season and did lose Robert Saleh, but there’s enough talent led by Nick Bosa and Fred Warner for a big rebound.

Lance expected to miss week with fracture on throwing hand

“It wasn’t bothering him much because he thought it was jammed on that helmet,” Shanahan said. “And when you get all the images on it, they showed it to me, it’s a micro-chip of a bone that’s off. He chipped it, which is a small-chip fracture, which is worse than a jam.

“He can’t take snaps and do all that stuff right now. He just has to rest it for seven days, they say. And that should let it heal, and hopefully he’ll be good next Monday when we get into practice.”

Trey Lance Sends a (Not So Subtle) Subliminal Message

In large letters, Lance’s shirt read simply: “Good Intentions.” It was not clear from the context or font if this was some logo or brand or just some words that had been slapped onto a shirt by a brand, but the subtextual information was extremely evident.

What Lance was saying by wearing this shirt is, “I know there is a ton of pressure and high expectations from all of you guys, but please, no matter how I play for the first few games, please be patient with me and know that at all times I HAVE GOOD INTENTIONS.

49ers’ Hannah Gordon is changing the way we love football

One looming perception is that football’s diehard fans are macho, beer-guzzling men. Gordon rejects that perception, citing an NFL statistic that nearly half its fans are women. She also points to ways that the 49ers, reflecting Bay Area values, have been at the forefront of NFL efforts to launch clubs for female and avid LGBTQ fans and to increase hiring of executives who are women and people of color.