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Stats & Eggs: Trent Williams says the 49ers have no weaknesses

#71 ain’t afraid to say it

Everything you need to know in about 5 minutes

Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch have gone out of their way to try and build a roster for this year that is both top-heavy with talent and deep enough to sustain injuries. Those efforts have not gone unnoticed by one of the team’s best players.

Left tackle Trent Williams went on KNBR and was not shy about sharing his expectations for this year’s team:

“I’ve been playing the game for a long time. I’ve been in many, many locker rooms. You know what a good team is like. I’ve been on good teams that just didn’t have the right mindset You know that going in. You can lie to yourself but you know the reality. We all know the reality.

That was one of the things I just can’t really hide is... I feel like we got one of the best defenses in the league. Then you follow that up with one of the best offenses in the league. One of the best run games, one of the best tight ends. You name it. Every position, there’s literally no weaknesses. I don’t say that to say that, I’m just literally answering the question as truthfully as possible. I do feel like we have one of the better teams and we should do some special things this year.”

Strong words from a strong man.

Williams was also quick to point out that keeping players healthy and on the field on Sundays is always the equalizer, but the same can be said for every team.

The question to me is, how many players on the roster believe in the team as strongly as Trent does? Without question that belief permeated the locker room last year because the team was fresh off a Super Bowl appearance. After another double-digit loss season, does that confidence still remain?

At least with one player, the answer is a definitive yes.