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49ers in Five: Don’t look now, but the team is actually pretty healthy

I know. I’m scared, too

Everything you need to know in about 5 minutes

For the first time in a very long time, the 49ers are in pretty good shape when it comes to injuries. Heading into Week 1 against the Lions, they will hopefully have Jimmy Garoppolo, Brandon Aiyuk, Deebo Samuel, and George Kittle healthy for a full game for just the third time ever. Trey Lance appears to be improving. Dee Ford will be back on the field, and best of all, Nick Bosa is back:

“Really no pitch count for me, I’m just gonna go. Whatever [Defensive Line Coach] Kris [Kocurek] tells me. I’m fully confident to play as many snaps as I need to.

That’s obviously fantastic news, but the best part is the fact that the 49ers don’t have to choose between immediately throwing Bosa (and Ford) back into a full workload and easing him back into the swing of things. Thanks to the depth along the defensive line, DeMeco Ryans can give Bosa plenty of rest on the sidelines with frequent rotations. Then, on critical plays like third downs and red zone, Bosa can return to the field rested and ready to roll.

No team is injury free, of course, and that applies to San Francisco as well. Unlike last year, however, most of the starters should be on the field this week - which isn’t something we were able to say much in 2020.

For more on the state of the team and what they’ve done to reduce injuries, listen to today’s 49ers in Five podcast.