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Lynch, on Kinlaw’s knee injury: It kind of flared up on him again at some point a couple of weeks ago

Moseley will likely miss this week, but should return Week 2

Las Vegas Raiders v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

49ers general manager Johnn Lynch was on KNBR Friday morning and provided a few injury updates for defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw and cornerback Emmanuel Moseley. Based on his comments, it’s unlikely either of the two suits up against the Lions on Sunday.

On the Murph & Mac show, Lynch described what’s caused Kinlaw’s recent knee injury:

“He came down on that knee at Dallas last year, and that led to some issues. You know, it’s kind of a deal where we’ve been able to quiet it down at times. And other times, it gets flared up. He was doing really well throughout the offseason, and it kind of flared up on him again at some point a couple of weeks ago.”

I wonder if that flare-up happened after Kinlaw played extended snaps during the 49ers' final preseason game. He played well into the third quarter with the third-stringers. On the surface, that was the right idea as there’s no way to simulate the game's speed and get into game shape. But, unfortunately, if true, that plan didn’t work.

More, from Lynch:

“We tried to quiet it down, but it’s not working real well right now. But the good news is that he was out on the practice field yesterday for some. As for this week, we’ll still see. We’re meeting this morning to kind of see where he’s at.

But we feel confident that we’re going to get a lot of good football out of Javon this year. He’s a huge man who has an incredible amount of power in him. We’re so proud of him. We’re excited for him, the amount of work he’s put in. We’ve just got to get him right so we can see that talent come to fruition.”

That’s not a good sign, no matter how you spin it, that Kinlaw’s knee had this reaction after playing in a game.

If it’s been an issue since last season after Kinlaw had surgery back in January that was supposed to serve as a “clean-up procedure,” it’s difficult to imagine this not lingering.

Lynch also spoke about Moseley:

“Unfortunately, last week ... I get a text from our trainers saying, ‘Hey [Moseley] just got fallen on in practice.’ It’s like a getaway practice where we’re off for the weekend after that, and he just got tripped up, fallen on. And so, he’s got a little bit of an issue.

He’s working through it. We’ll see for this weekend, but I think after that, it’s looking good.”

This is the most 49ers injury ever. Someone....fell on E-man?

When asked who would potentially replace Moseley or whether Josh Norman was in shape to play, DeMeco Ryans gave the most coach-speak answers. That’s something we’ll have to wait until warm-ups to see.

Lynch was asked if Trey Lance is good to go: “It looks like it. He’s had two good days of practice.”