What was that???

I was having FLASHBACKS of the SUPER BOWL. I swear to god!!!!

How can you be up 41-17 and have the game in hand and then THIS HAPPENS!!!!

I remember the Patriots comeback in the Super Bowl with Shanahan calling plays. That was a debacle!!

So, how does this seem to keep repeating itself???

I think they have improved some of their CLOCK MANAGEMENT issues, and Jimmy G did a good job of throwing it away instead of a SACK or INT late in the game.

Why wasn't Trey Lance in the game to maybe throw some deep shots???

History will keep repeating itself with SHANAHAN, so the Front Office needs to get somebody in there who can get this DROPPING A LEAD thing under control or the NINERS are in trouble.

I always hear A WIN IS A WIN, but that is just covering up an issue that needs addressed.

Hope it gets fixed soon!!!!

On to Philly with a 1-0 record.

NFC WEST went 4-0 for the weekend.

49ers rolled up 442 yards of offense against Detroit.

Rookie quarterback Trey Lance even got into the action, completing his only pass of the game for a five-yard touchdown.

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