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Golden Nuggets: Former 49ers LB Parys Haralson passes away at 37

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Minnesota Vikings v San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers released a statement Monday evening after learning about the sudden passing of former linebacker Parys Haralson at the age of 37. Haralson played for San Francisco from 2006-12, and serves as the team’s director of player engagement from 2016-17:

“The 49ers are heartbroken and shocked by the news of Parys’ tragic passing. Parys was a beloved member of our organization that lived life with an extraordinary amount of passion and joy, while leaving an indelible mark on everyone he came across. We extend our condolences to Parys’ family and loved ones.”

49ers’ Raheem Mostert receives hateful messages after suffering injury, wife says

Mostert, who has had trouble staying healthy over the duration of his career, was told to kill himself in some messages sent to Devon, who later posted on Instagram the hurtful news.

“Sometimes I cannot deal with this fanbase,” Devon wrote on her Twitter post.

“It’s days like today where I truly contemplate never getting on social media again,” she wrote. “As if today wasn’t hard enough, to get on here and have dms about how my husband should kill himself, about how he should be cut, about how he’s made of glass. I know I shouldn’t care, but wow.”

Matt Maiocco explains lack of snaps for Brandon Aiyuk

“Brandon Aiyuk kind of had a disappointing training camp,” Maiocco said. “Being a pro is knowing how to take care of business, how to get prepared, how to get your body right, how to do everything away from the field or in the training room or whatever that gets you prepared to play your best football. And that is the area where the 49ers would like to see Brandon Aiyuk kind of step it up.

“It’s something Kyle Shanahan was asked about today and he said there’s no issue, just the injury, but yeah, there’s something going on there with Brandon Aiyuk. I’m high on Brandon Aiyuk. The first couple practices of training camp he looked awesome. I thought, ‘wow, this is going to be a great combination of Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel.’ After that, Aiyuk kind of disappeared a little bit and Trent Sherfield stepped up. The Brandon Aiyuk I saw last year, I don’t care how good Trent Sherfield is performing, he’s not as good as that Brandon Aiyuk.”

Shanahan updates Kinlaw’s progress on injury recovery

“I’m not expecting it. I’m hoping it. I know that he’s got a chance to. He had a really good last four days,” Shanahan said when asked if Kinlaw would be ready to return to practice Wednesday. ”He was looking good on Saturday. We were able to get him a good workout on Sunday. And each day has been an improvement. So, I think that we still have to look how it is tomorrow. We’ll re-evaluate him on Wednesday, but as far as these last four days and him not playing in that game, it’s been going in the right direction.”

8 takeaways from wild 49ers win in Detroit

There weren’t many things Garoppolo could’ve done better in Detroit. He threw it 25 times and completed 17 of his throws for 314 yards and a touchdown. More important than anything though is that he eliminated the head-scratching plays. There weren’t any abysmal throws or indecisiveness that led to unnecessary sacks. He was as good as he’s looked in a long time for the 49ers.

NFL odds: Eagles open as home underdogs to 49ers in Week 2

The Philadelphia Eagles had the second-largest margin of victory in Week 1 (before Monday Night Football, at least). They’ve clearly earned some respect. Right?

Apparently not! The Birds actually opened as 3.5-point home underdogs to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 2, according to DraftKings Sportsbook.

The line isn’t totally insane from the standpoint that there were obvious reservations about the Eagles heading into this season. One win over a bad Atlanta Falcons team doesn’t totally invalidate all of the concerns. Jalen Hurts had a great game but now he needs to show he can do it with consistency. And the Eagles are probably going to need him to attempt some more difficult throws after finishing with the lowest average intended air yards from Week 1, per NFL Next Gen Stats.

But the Eagles’ win over the Falcons certainly showed they’re capable of looking like a pretty good football team. And the 49ers aren’t without their own issues.

MMQB: Jimmy Garoppolo Has Learned to Live With His Unusual Situation

“I don’t know if you know what a drift is; it’s like a slant route, kinda, with Deebo from the slot,” Garoppolo explained. “And [Lions linebacker] Jamie Collins is on him, and he was guarding him but pushing through at the same time to get outside of him. And it just all happened so slow. And I don’t know, in the past, I think I would’ve hesitated, but today I just ripped it. We got a big play out of it.

“It’s just plays like that that kind of go unnoticed. But as a quarterback, you notice them.”