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49ers Faithful unite to show support for Raheem Mostert and his family

Faithful is Forever.

49ers Faithful and fans of Raheem Mostert are coming together to show a genuinely admirable display of altruism for the 49ers running back and family by donating to Raheem’s favorite charities with the amounts having the number ‘31’ in them to show their love for the 49ers running back.

Raheem Mostert announced earlier in the week that he has chosen to have season-ending knee surgery.

After the initial injury announcement and Mostert’s decision to opt for surgery, Raheem’s wife Devon Mostert posted on social media that the family had been receiving nothing but hateful messages to the extent of even telling Raheem that he should ‘kill himself.’

On /r/49ers Reddit, there has been a thread going on that is urging the Faithful to show support for the family by donating money to the Melanoma Research Foundation.

Even Niners Nation founder, Fooch dropped a Tweet where others are also donating to Ocean Conservancy, another favorite charity of Raheem’s, having been an avid surfer from New Smyrna, FL.

Raheem Mostert’s response to all the love:

These are two charities that Raheem Mostert has been very vocal about off the field. For the past two ‘My Cause, My Cleats’ campaigns, they have been his charities of choice.

In May, Raheem Mostert also revealed in the Melanoma Research Foundation video that Raheem had to have moles removed a few years ago that turned out to come back from the lab as ‘precancerous.’

People use Social Media as a way to say what they want hatefully and quickly walk away. Words have implications. They carry weight. We are ALL going through trying times. We are all human. We all bleed.

Please be mindful of what you say to anyone. The phrase “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” is a phrase that is timeless and true. Reciprocate good energy. Lift each other up. Lift our team up.

I don’t know if you will come across this article one day, Mostert fam, but I do know that you have so many supporters over here trying to drown out all that negative noise with some good energy. We love you all, and we got your backs.

If you would like to ride this wave of good energy for the Mostert family, you can make a donation at the links below:

Melanoma Research Foundation

Ocean Conservancy