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49ers in Five: Nick Bosa’s scouting report on Jalen Hurts

Yes, he’s mobile, but not like you might think

Everything you need to know in about 5 minutes

Nick Bosa isn’t the most chatty player behind the podium, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t say a lot while he’s there. During a media session yesterday, Bosa offered the following scouting report on Eagles’ quarterback Jalen Hurts:

“This guy’s definitely different than Kyler [Murray] and different from Russell [Wilson]. It really is tough. It’s a game plan thing. You have to game plan for guys like that and just be disciplined throughout the game...I’m no quarterback coach but Jalen’s just getting his feet wet in the league. He’s not really looking to run like Kyler is. Kyler is looking to run and I think Jalen wants to get rid of the ball, but if he has that chance, he’ll take it.”

Hurts ran for 62 yards and almost nine yards per carry against Atlanta. Additionally, he threw three touchdowns and completed 77% of his passes. Stopping him from using his legs to keep the chains moving will be a primary focus of the depleted 49er's defense on Sunday.

One reassuring factor? Bosa also said he’s confident that his body is ready for the season after playing 50 snaps or so on artificial turf in Week 1. With Dre Greenlaw now set to miss a significant portion of the season, there will be even more pressure on Bosa, Ford, etc., to get to the quarterback early and often.

For more on the Week 2 matchup with the Eagles, including a crazy bet, ESPN’s Bart Scott made on the air, take five minutes and listen to today’s 49ers in Five podcast to get up to date on everything you need to know.